The 10 best forex strategies PDF

10 best forex strategies PDF

10 best forex strategies PDF will show you 10 strategies to make money on the forex market. Do exercises and take your money.

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Category: Forex

Author: Erron Adams

Language: English

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Introduction/ Preface 10 best forex strategies PDF

When it comes to selecting strategies to trade, you have the choice between buying one off-the-shelf or trawling the Internet for freebies. The trouble with free forex trading strategies is that they are usually worth about as much as you pay for them. They haven’t been tested, and there is little evidence of their reliability.
The strategies covered here on the other hand, are ones that either I or successful traders I know have used in a consistently profitable fashion…
So, as I said on the landing page for this PDF: “Stop Wasting Time & Money on Trading Strategies that just Plain Don’t Work! Try these for a REFRESHING Change!”

Table of Contents- The 10 best forex strategies PDF

#1: The Bladerunner Trade – Page 1
The Bladerunner is an exceptionally good EMA crossover strategy, suitable across all timeframes and currency pairs. It is a trending strategy that tries to pick breakouts from a continuation and trade the retests.
#2: Daily Fibonacci Pivot Trade – Page 8
Fibonacci Pivot Trades combine Fibonacci retracements and extensions with daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly pivots. The emphasis here is on using these combinations with daily pivots only, but the idea can easily be extended to longer timeframes incorporating any combination of pivots.
#3: Bolly Band Bounce Trade – Page 13
The Bolly Band Bounce Trade is perfect in a ranging market. Many traders use it in combination with confirming signals, to great effect. If Bollinger Bands appeal to you, this one is well worth a look.
#4: Forex Dual Stochastic Trade – Page 17
The Dual Stochastic Trade users two stochastics – one slow and one fast – in combination to pick areas where price is trending but overextended in a short term retracement, and about to snap back into a continuation of the trend.
#5: Forex Overlapping Fibonacci Trade – Page 23
Overlapping Fibonacci trades are the favourites of some traders I have known. Uesd on their own, their reliability can be a little lower than some of the others strategies, but if you use them in conjunction with appropriate confirming signals, they can be extremely accurate.
#6: London Hammer Trade – Page 26
The extra volatility you get when London opens presents some unique opportunities. The London Hammer Trade is my take on an attempt to capitalise on these opportunities. Especially effective during the London session, it can be used at any time when price is likely to be taking off strongly in one direction, and possibly reversing from an area of support/resistance just as strongly.
#7: The Bladerunner Reversal – Page 28
As mentioned above, the Bladerunner is a trend following strategy. The Bladerunner reversal just as effectively picks entries from situations where the trend reverses and price begins to trade on the other side of the EMA’s.
#8: The Pop ‘n’ Stop Trade – Page 30
If you’ve ever tried to chase price when it bounds away to the upside, only to suffer the inevitable loss when it just as quickly reverses, you will want the secret of the pop and stop trade in your trader’s arsenal. There is a simple trick to determining whether or not price will continue in the direction of the breakout, and you must know it in order to profit from these situations.
#9: The Drop ‘n’ Stop Trade – Page 33
The flip side of the pop and stop, this strategy trades savage breakouts to the downside.
#10: Trading The Forex Fractal – Page 36
The forex fractal is not just a strategy but a concept of market fundamentals that you really need to know in order to understand what price is doing, why it is doing it, and who is making it move. This is the kind of inside info that took me years and many thousands of dollars to learn. It’s yours here for free, so use it 🙂

About the author

“Like most traders who eventually succeed I have spent my fair share of nights lying awake in bed staring at the ceiling”
One morning back in 2012, after I’d gone to bed beating myself up for having been taken by yet another scam forex educator (this time to the tune of $10,000) I woke up, logged on to the net and registered the name
I just needed to feel there was ONE forex website on the Internet that wasn’t devoted solely to exploiting people.
I also had some vague idea it would be a way to record all I had learned in seven years of trading, especially in regard to the pitfalls and con artists.
It was a watershed moment, even though it would be several months before I started writing the pages and blog posts for AuthenticFX. From that moment I decided if I was ever going to make it as a trader, it would be necessary to go back and analyse everything that had happened over the past seven years.
I needed to get all that had passed in perspective, and to clearly identify:
The time for going around in circles, trying one system after another, trusting one guru after another, was over.
From that point on, my trading began to recover. Even at the start, I was losing far less than the highly paid “educators” had “trained” me to lose! I gradually began to put together a clear picture of everything that worked, and discarded everything that didn’t. That clarity finally got me on my feet as a trader, and is the basis of everything I teach.

AuthenticFX is about that journey, and it is dedicated to helping you in yours!
I trade mostly the AUDUSD, and mostly during the Asian session, as these represent the bulk of trading opportunities available to me during my waking hours. The strategies presented here however, can be traded across all time zones and all currencies.
I’m a predominantly manual trader, although I have extensive experience trading automated systems. As a sideline, or hobby, I am always trying to create the perfect automated trading robot. The major emphasis for me currently, however is manual trading.
I have used and developed many strategies over the years, and I teach the essentials of the best of these in this short course. I currently employ ideas from several of the strategies, predominantly based around what I refer to as the Bladerunner trading strategy.

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