A complete guide to volume price analysis PDF

A complete guide to Volume Price Analysis PDF

A complete guide to volume price analysis PDF by Anna Coulling explains everything you need to know to apply VPA in your own trading. Each chapter builds on the next, working from first principles on both price and volume before bringing them together, using simple and clear examples. Suddenly as you delve deeper in the book you will begin to understand the insights that Volume Price Analysis can deliver for you, in all markets and in all timeframes.

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Author: Anna Coulling 

Language: English

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If you are struggling to succeed and find your trading stressful and emotional, then this book is for you. By the end of it, you will have discovered how to banish these emotions FOREVER. You will become a confident and emotionless traders, as all your decisions will be based on simple logic and common sense. You will be able to forecast the market’s next move, quickly, easily and with confidence. From confidence comes success, and from success comes wealth. Trade without emotion and you will succeed whether as a speculator or investor, in ANY market. Yes, INCLUDING forex!

It has been written by someone with over 16 years trading experience who uses this approach every day, so you will be learning from someone ‘who does’. There are only two leading indicators in trading. One is price, the other is volume. In isolation, they are weak and reveal little, but put them together, and just like gunpowder, they become an explosive combination. In discovering the power of Volume Price Analysis for yourself, you will be shocked and wonder why you never used this before.

Suddenly you will be able to read the market, BEFORE it moves. When this happens for the first time, you will be shocked, surprised, even stunned. Then the truth will dawn on you. Using two simple indicators, you now have the power and knowledge to anticipate the market’s next move. In short, Volume Price Analysis reveals the DNA of the market, and places this awesome power in the palm of your hand. You will become a confident and assured trader. Emotional trading and stress will be banished forever. You will start to enjoy your trading, for one simple reason. You KNOW where the market is going next based on simple logic and the power of volume and price.

Table of Contents- A complete guide to volume price analysis PDF

Chapter One : There’s Nothing New In Trading
Chapter Two : Why Volume
Chapter Three : The Right Price
Chapter Four : Volume Price Analysis – First Principles
Chapter Five : Volume Price Analysis – Building The Picture
Chapter Six : Volume Price Analysis – The Next Level
Chapter Seven : Support And Resistance Explained
Chapter Eight : Dynamic Trends And Trend Lines
Chapter Nine : Volume At Price (VAP)
Chapter Ten : Volume Price Analysis Examples
Chapter Eleven : Putting It All Together
Chapter Twelve : Volume And Price – The Next Generation
Acknowledgments & Trader Resources

About the author- Anna Coulling

Hi – my journey into the financial markets was prompted by a desire to make sense of the jargon filled replies I usually received when asking any financial adviser, the simplest of questions. Clearly they believed as a mere woman, I was incapable of understanding the complexities of the markets. This prompted my desire to learn, and since then I have been involved in every aspect of trading and investing for over seventeen years. Now at last, I have the luxury of time, to devote the next phase of my life to writing a series of books with one aim. To explain complex subjects and concepts surrounding the financial markets, in a clear and simple way. I actually began my professional life, as an English teacher. However, English was not my first language, having arrived in the UK from Italy at the tender age of three. At that time I spoke no English whatsoever, and my first memories are of my little village school in Scotland where I grew up, and where I learnt to read and write, chalk in hand! Very old fashioned, but what a wonderful way to learn. Since then, I have never stopped talking! – well I am Italian and as I’m sure you know, Italians ALWAYS have an opinion on EVERYTHING!! Languages must be in my blood, as I also studied French and Spanish. I’ve now transferred the ‘teaching gene’ into written form through the power of Amazon. I hope, that whether you are a trader, investor or a speculator, you will find one, or perhaps more, of my books useful in your own approach to the markets.

Kind regards Anna

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