Alain Ruttiens

Alain Ruttiens

Alain Ruttiens has an MA degree in Chemical Engineering (Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, Belgium). He joined the former Banque Indosuez in Belgium in 1981, and ended his bank career as Director of Financial Engineering Department in CBC Banque, Brussels (affiliate of KBC Bank).

Alain holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering (Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, Belgium), with a further degree in Operational Research (FUCAM, Mons, Belgium). After some years in the industrial engineering, he joined in 1981 the former Banque Indosuez in Belgium, bought in 1998 by KBC Bank (Belgium). Since 1985, active in financial markets and derivatives :

  • launching of a currency options desk in 1986 : trading and management of the desk
  • in 1990, management of the primary bond market dept
  • since 1992, launching of an interest rates options desk (bond options, caps, floors, collar, swaptions) : trading and management of the desk
  • building the first collar operation (1987), the first average option on currencies (1989) and the first averaged cap (1996) in continental Europe
  • from 1996 : management of structured products dept (currencies, interest rates and equities derivatives, including exotics), for institutionals and corporates.

Since 1999 and until end of March 2004, Director of Financial Engineering Department in CBC Banque, Brussels (affiliate of KBC Bank), acting as staff for the Trading Room and Asset

Past activities :

  • Lecturer at HEC (Paris), MBA program, since 2007 – Portfolio Management
  • Professor at the Centro di Studi Bancari at Lugano (Switzerland), 1999-2007 : courses on derivatives for the Centro and on Risk Management within the framework of GARP international program
  • Lessons on financial markets in IAG University of Louvain (Belgium), in Université de l’Etat, Mons (Belgium) and Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Seminars about financial markets and derivatives, among others for the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Paris), the ABB (Belgian banks association), the IFBL (Luxembourg banks association), the Crédit Agricole Indosuez bank (Paris), and the Royal Association of Belgian Actuaries
  • Conferences (swaps, modeling of financial markets, derivatives, etc) in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland
  • Brussels, 1991 : co-chair of 1st International Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute (Atlanta, USA) ; regular participations to the annual meetings of this institute


    • BELFOX, La Bourse belge des futures et options (“the Belgian futures & options exchange”), with a foreword of the Belgian Ministry of Finance ; Editions ESKA, Paris (1991)
    • Manuel des Produits Dérivés (“Manual of derivative products”), Editions ESKA, Paris, 1997, 2nd edition 1999
    • co-author (chapter on currency risk hedging) of Financieel Management Export (in Dutch), Kluwer, 1995
    • Futures, Swaps, Options – Les produits financiers dérivés, Edipro, Liège & Paris, 2003, 4th ed. : 2012, 400 p.
    • Mathematics of Financial Markets, John Wiley & Sons, March 2013, 333 p.
    • Co-author with Charles Muller : A practical Guide to UCITS funds and their risk management, Edipro, May 2013, 144 p.

Alain Ruttiens’s book on E4T:

Mathematics of the financial markets

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