Beat the Market with Dividend Stocks PDF

Beat the Market with Dividend Stocks

Beat the Market with Dividend Stocks PDF is an investing guide and economic forecast for dividend investors.

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Author: Paul Rubillo

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Beat the Market with Dividend Stocks is an investing guide and economic forecast for dividend investors.

Formulating an economic forecast for 2012 is difficult. On one hand, the economy could show signs of stabilization or even growth, which would mean good news for a number of dividend stocks. On the other, dangers still persist in a number of areas — particularly in Europe and China. Thus, the best way to develop an economic projection in the current climate is to separate things that could go right in 2012, versus things that could go wrong. I will then provide my own take on these potential factors. I hope that this sort of distinction and analysis proves useful in your investing.

Just keep in mind the scenarios that follow are only possibilities, not outright predictions!


Paul Rubillo is the Founder and CEO of

Table of Contents- Beat the Market with Dividend Stocks PDF

Introduction 5
Part 1: What Could Go Right in 2012 6-9
Part 2: What Could Go Wrong in 2012 10-14
Part 3: Stock-by-Stock Breakdowns for 2012 15-271
Conclusion 272



Conclusion: Putting Your 2012 Investing Plan into Action

Well-known author Henry David Thoreau once said: “A truly good book teaches me better than to read it. I must soon lay it down, and commence living on its hint. What I began by reading, I must finish by acting.”

In that vein, I hope you’ll act in your best financial interests in 2012. More than ever, finding the right investment strategy is essential, and we feel that dividend investing is the best possible option for the vast majority of the investing public.

Putting what you’ve learned into practice is the real key, however. We advocate investors develop a monthly system of putting money to work in their brokerage accounts. Automate this process as best you can, so as to remove any possibilities of “missing a month” here or there.

Embrace the learning process of investing. You should never stop gathering knowledge along the way. Always be willing to keep an eye on what your money is doing. Staying in the loop is a great thing. You’ll always benefit from staying on top of market and economic moves, and how they affect your holdings.

Just dabbling in the markets will not get you to where you need to be. Instead, stay consistent with your investments. If you have a bad habit of jumping in and out of the markets, dividend investing is the best remedy for your affliction.

You’ll gain a new perspective on the results that long-term investing and the power of compound interest can deliver. We realize many of you have already put these concepts into practice, but market volatility tends to push some investors to the sidelines for extended periods of time. That’s when the habit of trying to “time” the markets takes hold. The danger with market timing is that you need to be right twice — both when you buy and sell. You essentially morph into a trader, and I’ve made it clear how incredibly difficult it is to succeed at trading. Instead, be an investor who seeks
to generate income and compounding returns from dividend-paying stocks.

The world is full of starters, but it is the finishers that reap the rewards. So adopt a plan and stay the course!

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Paul Rubillo is the Founder and CEO of

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