Benjamin Graham and the power of growth stocks PDF

Benjamin Graham and the power of growth stocks PDF

Benjamin Graham and the power of growth stocks PDF- Lost Growth Stock Strategies from the Father of Value Investing is an advanced, hands-on guide for investors and executives who want to find the best growth stocks, develop a solid portfolio strategy, and execute trades for maximum profitability and limited risk. 

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Author: Frederick K. Martin 

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Introduction- Benjamin Graham and the power of growth stocks PDF

In 1948, legendary Columbia University professor Benjamin Graham bought a major stake in the Government Employees Insurance Corporation. In a time when no one trusted the stock market, he championed value investing and helped introduce the world to intrinsic value. He had a powerful valuation formula.

Now, in this groundbreaking book, long-term investing expert Fred Martin shows you how to use value-investing principles to analyze and pick winning growth-stock companies―just like Graham did when he acquired GEICO.

Benjamin Graham and the Power of Growth Stocks is an advanced, hands-on guide for investors and executives who want to find the best growth stocks, develop a solid portfolio strategy, and execute trades for maximum profitability and limited risk. Through conversational explanations, real-world case studies, and pragmatic formulas, it shows you step-by-step how this enlightened trading philosophy is successful. The secret lies in Graham’s valuation formula, which has been out of print since 1962―until now. By calculating the proper data, you can gain clarity of focus on an investment by putting on blinders to variables that are alluring but irrelevant.

This one-stop guide to growing wealth shows you how to:

  • Liberate your money from the needs of mutual funds and brokers
  • Build a reasonable seven-year forecast for every company considered for your portfolio
  • Estimate a company’s future value in four easy steps
  • Ensure long-term profits with an unblinking buy-and-hold strategy

This complete guide shows you why Graham’s game-changing formula works and how to use it to build a profitable portfolio. Additionally, you learn tips and proven techniques for unlocking the formula’s full potential with disciplined research and emotional control to stick by your decisions through long periods of inactive trading. But even if your trading approach includes profiting from short-term volatility, you can still benefit from the valuation formula and process inside by using them to gain an advantageous perspective on stock prices.

Find the companies that will grow you a fortune with Benjamin Graham and the Power of Growth Stocks.


Benjamin Graham is the father of value investing, but his greatest investment success came from one growth stock that increased his net worth more than all his other investments combined. Benjamin Graham and the Power of Growth Stocks helps you rediscover the legendary economist’s forgotten growth-investing strategy through a cutting-edge approach to capturing profits in today’s volatile markets.

Inside, leading investment manager Fred Martin shares the investing approach that was founded on Graham’s long-lost valuation formula. Martin’s method lets you accurately and confidently value growth companies for a buy-and-hold strategy that mitigates risk and positions your portfolio for superior long-term returns. Benjamin Graham and the Power of Growth Stocks puts everything you need at your fingertips, including:

  • Effective guidance and techniques for zeroing in on the critical factors of making good investment decisions
  • The three key rules for creating a margin of safety when investing in growth companies
  • Tips for identifying the hidden “barriers” and “handcuffs” that signal doom for a company’s growth
  • Insightful best practices and pitfalls to avoid from the author’s personal experience
  • Graham’s most useful and straightforward treatise on growth-stock investing–in its entirety–for the first time since 1962

If you want your wealth to serve you–not your broker and mutual funds–start acquiring the dream-team companies for your portfolio today withBenjamin Graham and the Power of Growth Stocks.

Table of Contents- Benjamin Graham and the power of growth stocks PDF

Foreword by Craig R. Weflen
1. Benjamin Graham and the Evolution of Value Investing
2. Value versus Growth
3. Graham’s Valuation Formula (Includes Chapter 39 from 1962 edition of
Security Analysis)
4. The Power of the Purchase Decision
5. Building a Margin of Safety for Growth Stocks
6. Characteristics of a “Great” Growth Company: Identifying Sustainable
Competitive Advantage
7. Down in the Trenches: Putting the Principles into Action
8. The Few, the Proud: Why So Few Investors Use Ben Graham’s Principles
and Methodology
9. Getting the Most from This Book
Appendix. Renting Out Your Money

About the author

For nearly four decades, Fred Martin has relied on many of the investment principles of Benjamin Graham to earn a place among the best long-termperforming money managers in the United States. As the president and chief investment officer of Minneapolis-based Disciplined Growth Investors, Mr. Martin has compiled an outstanding record of double-digit average annual returns for his clients over the past 30-plus years. After graduating with a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Amos Tuck School and serving four years in the U.S. Navy, Mr. Martin began his professional investment career in 1973 as an equity analyst for Northwestern National Bank in Minneapolis.

In 1978 he moved to Chicago to join a branch of Mitchell Hutchins Asset Management, then a subsidiary of Paine Webber Inc. In 1984 Mr. Martin spearheaded the relocation of the Midwest office from Chicago to Minneapolis. By 1996 Mr. Martin led the Minneapolis office to assets under management of more than $2.5 billion. In 1997 Mr. Martin cofounded Disciplined Growth Investors (DGI). In 2001 Mr. Martin took over as majority owner of DGI and has served as president and CIO since then. DGI currently manages more than $2.5 billion of assets for institutions and individuals. Mr. Martin considers himself to be a pilot who honors the margin of safety. He is also an active financial supporter of those less fortunate than him.

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