Clif Droke

Clif Droke

Clif Droke is a popular technical analysis, newsletter editor and author. He is the editor of The Parabolic Report, Clif Drake’s Internet Stock Outlook and the Gold Strategies Gann Simplified is the fourth book he has authored in the Traders’Library Simplified Series.

In the first book, Technical Analysis Simplified, Droke distills the essential elements of technical analysis into one powerful volume—covering all the basics: The Dow Theory, pattern recognition, volume, breadth, reliability of chart patterns, support and resistance, trend lines and channels, and one day reversals. Martin Pring says Technical Analysis Simplified “a great primer covering all the technical analysis basics every active investor needs to know.”

In his second book, Elliott Wave Simplified, Droke takes the mystery out of using this effective technique—without being deluged with details. Stocks & Commodities Magazine says “Hits the mark where most others on the subject fail _ _ _ reveals a few ne•vv tricks even the advanced student will find useful ” Induded are the basics of technical anabisis and R N. ElliottS simple and proven theory, plus common pitfalls made vhen using Elliott Wave, as well as how the theory relates to trading volume, contrary opinion, channel analysis, the fan principle, filtered waves and more.

In the third book, Moving Averages Simplified, Droke’ step-by-step approach takes you through every aspect of moving averages from trading using single or double moving averages, to identifying price cycles and support and resistance levels. Ed Downs, founder of Nirvana Systems says, “l cannot recommend this book enough, and give it four stars.”

Clif Droke’s book on E4T

Gann simplified

Moving average simplified


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