Cloud charts PDF

Cloud charts PDF- David Linton

Cloud charts PDF- David Linton- Trading Success with the Ichimoku Technique 

Category: Technical Analysis

Author: David Linton

tag: ichimoku

Language: English

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Introduction- Cloud charts PDF

The book is split into three parts.

Part 1

Part 1 is designed to give you enough knowledge of technical analysis in order that you may fully understand Cloud Charts, complimentary techniques and more advanced ideas. It is by no means a comprehensive guide to the whole subject. The better your understanding of technical analysis, the easier you will fnd understanding Cloud Charts. It should be possible to get up-and-running with using Cloud Charts from this book alone. The explanations of support and resistance, moving averages and basic Candlestick charts in these early chapters are all fairly essential to understanding Cloud Charts.

We have also covered basic technical analysis indicators in Part 1 so you may gain an understanding of how they are applied in more advanced Cloud Chart techniques outlined in Part 3. There is a chapter on Point and Figure charting as this really powerful technique often agrees with what Cloud Charts tell us about an instrument. We show the power of using Cloud Charts and Point and Figure together later in the book.

Towards the end of Part 1, stop-losses and money management are covered. While the tools shown here are not strictly technical analysis techniques they are a vital tool for any trader. There will be times where tools such as stop-losses take precedence over other techniques including Cloud Charts as we will come to see. Understanding trailing stop-losses will also be helpful when we come to explore the idea of cloud stops-losses in Part 3.

If you are already an experienced technician, you may choose to skip Part 1. But a quick revision of the subject may be useful and might uncover some things you did not fully appreciate.

Part 2

This section of the book addresses the basics of using Cloud Charts. If you are only interested in getting to grips with the technique and using it, you could get by on this section of the book alone. The construction chapter is important to truly understand these charts and apply them as covered in Chapter 10. The chapter on time horizon is vital for maximising the value of Cloud Charts for multiple time frame analysis. Chapter 12 looks at using Cloud Charts alongside other techniques with some practical examples.

Part 3
The fnal part of the book looks at some more advanced analysis ideas and trading strategies. Many of these ideas are derived from applying the standard techniques covered in Part 1 to Cloud Charts. While you can easily conduct cloud analysis from only reading Part 2, Part 3 might inspire an extra idea or two. Hopefully you will fnd some of the new material in this fnal section original and groundbreaking enough to want to apply to your own trading.

Table of contents- Cloud charts PDF

PART 1 – Understanding Technical Analysis
Chapter 1 – History 23
Chapter 2 – Basics of Technical Analysis 29
Chapter 3 – Moving Averages 47
Chapter 4 – Indicators 57
Chapter 5 – Point and Figure Charts 77
Chapter 6 – Candlestick Charts 93
Chapter 7 – Using Stop-losses 105
Part 1 – Summary 116
PART 2 – Understanding Cloud Charts
Chapter 8 – Cloud Chart Construction 121
Chapter 9 – Interpreting Cloud Charts 131
Chapter 10 – Multiple Time Frame Analysis 147
Chapter 11 – Japanese Patterns Techniques 161
Chapter 12 – Clouds Charts with other techniques 169
Part 2 – Summary 188
PART 3 – Advanced Cloud Chart Techniques
Chapter 13 – Ichimoku indicator techniques 193
Chapter 14 – Back-testing and Cloud Trading Strategies 203
Chapter 15 – Cloud Market Breadth analysis 215
Part 3 – Summary 221
Chapter 16 – Conclusion 223
Appendix 1 – Scanning

About the author

David Linton was born and raised near Melbourne, Australia and studied engineering at King’s College, University of London in the United Kingdom. After graduating he dealt in Traded Options on the London Stock Exchange and developed computer software for analysing price behaviour.

In 1991, David founded Updata plc, based in London, where he is Chief Executive Offcer. Professional traders and analysts now use Updata in over forty countries around the world. David is a well known commentator on fnancial markets in the UK. He has appeared on BBC television, ITN News, Bloomberg and CNBC fnance channels and has written for The Mail on Sunday, Shares Magazine and the Investors Chronicle. He has taught Technical Analysis to thousands of traders and investors in Europe over the last two decades with numerous fnancial institutions employing him to teach and train their trading teams.

He is a member of the UK Society of Technical Analysis (STA) where he teaches the Ichimoku technique as part of the STA Diploma Course and is a holder of the MSTA designation. He is a member of the Association of American Professional Technical Analysts (AAPTA) and was awarded the Master Financial Technical Analyst (MFTA) qualifcation by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) for his paper on the Optimisation of Trailing Stop-losses in 2008.

David lives in London and his interests include skiing and yachting.

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