Explosive stock trading strategies PDF

Explosive stock trading strategies PDF

Explosive stock trading strategies PDF- In this book Dr. Samir Elias, author of Generate Thousands in Cash on Your Stocks Before Buying or Selling Them,distills his years of trading experience into the most explosive stock trading strategies that can deliver substantial profits when used live in the market.

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Author: Samir Elias

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Success in trading depends on one’s ability to risk their money only on high probability trades. In this book Dr. Samir Elias, author of Generate Thousands in Cash on Your Stocks Before Buying or Selling Them,distills his years of trading experience into the most explosive stock trading strategies that can deliver substantial profits when used live in the market.

Learn how to anticipate a stock’s coming move trading price bar sequences and signal price bars resulting in quick profits in short time frames. Become familiar with uncommon chart patterns that can deliver exceptional profits but are missed by most traders. Time breakouts from tight consolidation patterns, and distinguish between ordinary price spikes and extraordinary tradeable spikes that often are followed by an explosive price increase. Use the channel width between two selected technical indicators, with a third as a trigger, to time entry into a falling knife stock just before reversal for big profits. Learn how to use reverse price swings to anticipate a stock’s reversal and time your exit while most of the profits are still intact. Recognize the three special chart patterns at earnings time that can foretell a multi month monster advance. Combine fundamental criteria with technical chart patterns using the RESHE system to identify coming market leaders before they are noticed by big money ; and much more.

Each trading method is supported by a well defined low risk entry point and a clear exit strategy to protect profits.


This is probably one of the best books on technical analysis that not many people know about. Dr. Elias does an incredible job of not only talking about certain indicators, but on how and when to use them especially in combination. I’m not sure if Dr. Elias has an engineering background or what, but it is very obvious he is well versed on the formulas for most of the common indicators. He also has good knowledge of trading patterns and what to look for at certain points in the overall market at the time. Dr. Elias pretty much covered everything. And he apparently has an extensive knowledge on options. Dr. Elias shares a great deal about not only how to trade options in a very simple way if that’s possible, but different strategies that apparently allowed him to be successful in trading them. This is just a great trading book that not many people talk about, but definitely should. It is great for anyone wanting to learn to trade, but it helps to have some knowledge of trading with this book. It’s not your typical worthless trading book that basically repeats the same old crap about indicators, etc. that everyone else does. This book is different and the comments about it prove that. And it’s great for individuals like me who have been trading for many years. Definitely check this book out.GHP3

Table of Contents- Explosive stock trading strategies PDF

Chapter I
Explosive volume based breakouts .
Technical requirements
Practical applications
Entry Strategy
Exit strategy using technical indicators.
Exit strategy using trend indicators
Chapter 2
Explosive consolidation pattern
Technical indicators
Practical applications
Momentum driven breakouts.
Volatility driven breakouts
Chapter 3
Explosive profits using divergent signals .
Partial basic divergences
Complex divergences
Guidelines to trading divergences
Practical applications
Divergences using both price and volume indicators
Chapter 4
Explosive chart patterns
Falling rectangle pattern
V reversal patterns
VPV and PVP reversals
Falling wedges.
Multiple falling wedges
Reverse wedges
Partial pullback ascending triangle
Compressed double bottoms
Chapter 5
Explosive profits trading momentum shifts
Trade entry trigger
Examples 1 & 2: Indices daily
Examples 3 & 4: Stocks daily
Example 5: Weekly timeframes
Chapter 6
Explosive profits trading signal price bars
Momenta pharmaceuticals (MNTA) entry
Secondary exit signal price bars
Chelsea Therapeutics (CHTP).
Volume considerations
Three aar Count tretxi reversals
Tracing Three Count signal bars
Scripps E.w_ co (SSP)
Final Word
Chapter 7
Explosive profits from small price bars
Indecision candlesticks
Explosive mmes from small bars
Final Word
Chapter 8
Explosive profits trading price spikes
Consolidation pattern price spikes
Zopharm oncology (ZIOP).
Green Plains Renewable Energy (GPRE)
Trend reversal price spikes
Bollinger band width
Air Transport Group
FiberTower CO.
Chapter 9
Explosive profits trading reverse price swings
Trading reversals using price swings
Cliffs Natural Resources(CLF) . Reverse swings
Lululemon Athletica (LULU)
Trend reversals using failed price swings .
Cliffs Natural Resources(CLF) . (Failed reverse swings)
Chapter 10
Explosive profits trading price bar
Four step Uptrend.
Pivot shakeout
Narrow bar continuation pattern
Second day Shakeout pattern
Out Of range three bar
Overlapping wide range
price pattern pullbacks

Triple bar high reversals
Bullish and bearish reversal zones
TWO day bar reversal
Tight range bar continuation pattern
Examples tradlng price bar patterns
Coinstar (CSTR)
Power One (PWER)
F5 Networks (FFIV)
crocs Inc (CROX)
Netezza Corp
Price pattern classifications
Isilion Systems (ISLN)
Atheros Communications(ATHR)
Final Word
Chapter 11
Explosive profits trading falling knives
A123 systems (AONE)
Power one (PWER)
Monolithic power (MPWR)
Trading falling knife stocks using multiple time frames
Atheros Communications (ATHR)
Index reversals using falling knife signals
DOW Jones Index (DJX)
Post signal shakeouts
NASDAQ composite (COMPQ)
Short term trad’ng using falling knife signals.
Chapter 12
Combining fundamental and technical indicators for expli
The myth of popular fundamental criteria
The RESHE stock filtering system
RESHE filtering criteria
Bullish earning chart
Acme Packet (APKT) technical
Acme Packet (APKT) pre earnings shakeout.
Atheros Communications (ATHR)
Final Word

About the author

Dr. Samir Elias’ model has worked for him and thousands more who wanted financial freedom through unlocking the fortunes within the stock market.

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