Forex correlation cheat sheet pdf

Forex correlation cheat sheet pdf

Forex correlation cheat sheet pdf – Within this brief “Cheat Sheets” report, I’m going to prove to you why trading with two charts, or as I like to call it, “double-up charting” is far superior to looking at just one chart at a time (“double-up charting” is one of the basic principals of my Correlation Methodology)- Jason Fielder

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Introduction- Forex correlation cheat sheet pdf

Almost all correlation trades start out the same way…by waiting for correlated pairs to fall OUT of correlation. As I discussed in the “Correlation Secrets” special report, when correlated pairs fall out of correlation, it creates a “predictable volatility” that savvy traders can monetize…
…and it’s these very “cheat sheets” that will tell you how to turn “predictable volatility” into PROFITS!

Once you have identified two correlated pairs moving out of correlation, you are then left with a choice of how to trade this opportunity. You can:
1. Use a scalping strategy to get in, get out, and a grab a few pips in the process…
2. Use a swing trading strategy and wait for one of the pairs to “swing” back into correlation, or…
3. Take a longer-term position and potentially profit from both legs of the correlation trade…

Each of the three trading strategies have upsides and down-sides, so the decision of which strategy will largely be driven by your own trading preferences. But no matter your style of trading…scalping…swing trading…long-term
trading…correlation trading will accommodate you. And in these “cheat sheets” you’ll find a formula for profiting from all three trading styles.

Now…let’s dive in and start trading!

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