Forex Essentials in 15 Trades PDF

Forex Essentials in 15 Trades

Forex Essentials in 15 Trades PDF takes a new and different approach to teaching the basics of currency trading. The three authors combined have nearly 100 years of experience in the markets; our experiences takes a new and different approach to are from different perspectives and vantage points.

Category: Forex

Author: John Bland, Jay Meisler, Michael Archer

Language: English

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This book is divided into three parts. Part One provides a substantive background in FOREX basics, money management, fundamentals, technical analysis, and what it takes to be a successful trader. Part Two details 15 of author Mike Archer’s trades, showing how theory might be translated into practice. Part Three is a compendium of articles written by the authors to supplement Parts One and Two.

Part Two analyzes 15 FOREX trades to let the reader see the book’s concepts in action and to get inside a trader’s mind as he sifts information, seeks candidate trades, makes a trade, monitors it, and finally conducts a postmortem of the trade. These are all real trades made by author Mike Archer. Part Two begins with his Snowflake heuristic for finding trades (Chapter 8) and describes his two primary trading methods, the Goodman Swing Count System and market environments (ME).
Part Three is a compendium of readings primarily from the GlobalView web site. These articles supplement the Part One and Part Two chapters. For example, you may even wish to skim Chapter 27 (GSCS basics) and Chapter 28 (ME applications)
before reading Part Two. Appendix A, GVI’s “Common Sense for Traders Checklist,” provides more perspective to the reader for both the FOREX basics and the money management chapters in Part One. This book also offers two unique learning tools: “The Inside Scoop” and GVI Snippets. Most traders never know or learn more about the markets than they see on their broker-dealer’s trading platform or hear from a news squawk box. The professional’s edge is in seeing the hidden structures behind market movements; herein we attempt to peer through that window with “The Inside Scoop.

About author

John M. Bland is cofounder of Prior to this, he was a bank forex consultant, fund manager, and independent trader.

Jay M. Meisler is cofounder of Prior to this, he was an interbank dealer, fund manager, and independent trader.

Michael D. Archer has been involved in the futures and FOREX markets for three decades as a trader, writer, money manager, and systems developer.

Preface.How This Book Is Organized.


Part One. The Basics of FOREX.

Chapter 1. An Introduction to FOREX.

Chapter 2. The Importance of Money Management.

Chapter 3. Technical Trading.

Chapter 4. Fundamentals for FOREX Trading.

Chapter 5. Trading the News.

Chapter 6. Trader Profiles Good Traders, Bad Traders.

Chapter 7. Selecting a FOREX Broker.

Part Two. 15 Trades and Their Stories.

Chapter 8. Heuristic-Based Trading.

Chapter 9. Trade #1: A Symphony of Numbers Money Management.

Chapter 10. Trade #2: Know When to Hold Them…Money Management.

Chapter 11. Trade #3: Scaling the Wall Money Management.

Chapter 12. Trade #4: The Trend is Your Friend Money Management.

Chapter 13. Trade #5: Don’t be a Flatlander Money Management.

Chapter 14. Trade #6: Sit on Your Hands Psychology.

Chapter 15. Trade #7: The Search for a Winning Personality Psychology.

Chapter 16. Trade #8: The King Kong Syndrome Psychology.

Chapter 17. Trade #9: The Return of the Return Technical Analysis.

Chapter 18. Trade #10: Double Your Pleasure with Double Intersections Technical Analysis.

Chapter 19. Trade #11: Riding the (Goodman) Wave Technical Analysis.

Chapter 20. Trade #12: I’ve Got Rhythm Technical Analysis.

Chapter 21. Trade #13: A Simple System Technical Analysis.

Chapter 22. Trade #14: A News Trade Fundamental Analysis.

Chapter 23. Trade #15: I Read About it on Global-View Fundamental Analysis.

Part Three. Selected Readings.

Chapter 24. Currency Futures Trading Basics.

Chapter 25. FOREX Lessons From Shanghai BC.

Chapter 26. Introducing the Mundo—The Synthetic Global Spot Currency.

Chapter 27. A New Introduction to GSCS The Goodman Swing Count System.

Chapter 28. Market Environment (ME) Applications.

About the Authors.


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