Forex on five hours a week PDF

Forex on five hours a week PDF- How to make money trading on your own time

Forex on five hours a week PDF- How to make money trading on your own time  will show you how to analyze the market, how to use visual and objective tools, and then formulize a plan to trade successfully. This is not daytrading, which I don’t do. This is not investing, although many of the strategies in this book could help you with that facet of your portfolio. This is about grasping a few concepts that if properly understood and applied, can yield healthy and consistent returns.

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Author: Raghee Horner 

Language: English

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Forex on five hours a week PDF is about having a life! But more than that, it’s about challenging assumptions. Somewhere along the line, we were taught that for something to be effective means it must be  time consuming. We’ve mistaken time spent for effectiveness. If we decided to buck the trend, it’s dismissed as laziness, akin to looking for a shortcut. This attitude comes from an employee mindset. I’ve been an employee for a total of 22 months of my adult life. I don’t say this to brag. I’m quite unemployable, as my luck would have it. Consequently, I was basically shoehorned into figuring out how to make a living without clocking in and collecting a paycheck each week.

I am not going to bore you with all the details as to how I discovered I could make a living trading the markets. The bottom line is that along the way, making every rookie mistake that could be made (twice), I learned that the markets are just an extension of human behavior and nothing nearly as sophisticated or complicated as Wall Street would have Main Street believe.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to share with you what I do each day, and I don’t take this privilege for granted. As I have traveled the globe teaching and talking about the markets, it dawned on me that far too many traders and would-be traders were addicted. They’re market junkies. I’ve heard stories about traders who arise in the early hours of the morning to trade; traders who have laptops in their bathrooms; traders who spend upwards of 16 hours a day analyzing charts and creating systems. I’m not going to belabor all the stories I’ve been told, but trust me, the list goes on and on, and, frankly, they get stranger and stranger. Is this what trading is, an addiction?

If more time spent trading and analyzing yielded better results, heck, I would do it. But it doesn’t. Bottom line is that just as many traders stink today as they did 20, 30, 50 years ago, and there are more traders in the markets now than ever before. Present-day traders have sophisticated equipment, unprecedented access to data, order flow, and transparent order entry. I’m smiling right now as I think back when I began as a high school student with paper chart, ruler, and pen.

While a teenager, in my initial trading stage, I realized I was a part-time trader. And in reality, so are most traders. If we wanted a job, I’m sure there are easier ways to make a living and not put ourselves through the meat grinder of being a trader. If you’re reading this because you think it will be easy, kindly close this book and put it back from where you found it. But let me say, it ain’t hard! “…

Contents- Forex on five hours a week PDF

CHAPTER 1 Making Money in Up and Down Markets
Fill in the Blanks
A Bull Is on the Loose!

CHAPTER 2 Full-Time Trading = Full-Time Job
Employee Mindset
Confessions of a Chart Junkie
Analyzing the Market
Identify the Trend
Time Frames
CHAPTER 3 The Wave
Sinking, Soaring, or Sideways?
Market Cycles
A Wish
Market Memory
Trade with Price

CHAPTER 4 Objectivity
Order Entry
Stop Loss
Risk Management
Trendlines, Support, and Resistance
Static and Dynamic Lines
CHAPTER 5 The Magic of Lazy Days Lines
Fibonacci Analysis
Lazy Days Lines at Work
Using Lazy Days Lines
The Wave in Action
Real-Life Lazy Days Lines
Comprehension + Confirmation = Confidence
CHAPTER 6 The Only Entries You Need
Momentum Trading
Swing Trading
Short Cycle Set-Ups
Inside the Range

CHAPTER 7 Around the World
Who’s Awake?
Financial Centers You Need to Know
Prime Time!
Pip Movement
A Day with the EUR/USD
Time Out!
Choosing Your Trading Time 

CHAPTER 8 Market Pulse 
U.S. Dollar Index and USD/CAD
U.S. Dollar Index and AUD/USD
CHAPTER 9 Trading Psychology
Stay in Balance
The Role of Experience
Trading for Real
The Psychology of Market Cycles
The Psychology of News
The Psychology of Time
The Psychology of Numbers, Entries, and Exits
CHAPTER 10 Psychological Numbers
Using the Herd
The 200 SMA
52-Week Highs and Lows

CHAPTER 11 Trading Edge
The Right Side of the Chart
Consumer Confidence
Risk Appetite
Sell the News

CHAPTER 12 Is My Broker Friend or Foe?
The 2 Percent Question
Stop Loss Placement
Trading Truths 

CHAPTER 13 Embracing Automation
Charting Tools
Profit Targets
Fifteen-Minute Set-Ups
CHAPTER 14 Raghee Recommends
Final Thoughts

About the author

Raghee Horner  started trading at the tender age of 17 while still in high school. She continued her pursuit of trading through college until going full-time after graduation; torn between the charts and law school, the markets won out. With a degree in English, Raghee has a passion for communicating the message of the markets as well as teaching self-directed traders how to find choice, freedom, and an edge in the currency and futures markets.

Three books (published by Wiley & Sons), countless speaking engagements, seminars, Chief Currency Analyst for IBFX (bought by FXCM), and trips across the globe, Raghee shares all the she does and has learned at Her popular 34EMA Wave and GRaB Candles indicators have a ever-growing following.

Raghee brings back the wisdom of time-tested trading analysis with the edge that technology gives the modern trader. It’s not all work and not play for her either as she finds time away from the charts enjoying SCUBA diving, motorcycles, swimming, kickboxing, golf, and fishing. Nearly a life-long Floridian, Raghee lives in South Florida with her husband Herbie.

Raghee Horner

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