Gold Trading Boot Camp PDF

Gold Trading Boot Camp PDF

Gold Trading Boot Camp PDF (How to Master the Basics and Become a Successful Commodities Investor) Gregory Weldon, a veteran commodities speculator and expert on the subject, has mastered the gold-trading rules through more than two decades of hard-won experience. And now, in Gold Trading Boot Camp, he tells you everything you need to know when going to battle in today’s volatile trading environment.

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Author: Gregory T. Weldon

Language: English

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Gregory Weldon, a veteran commodities speculator and expert on the subject, has mastered the gold-trading rules through more than two decades of hard-won experience. And now, in Gold Trading Boot Camp, he tells you everything you need to know when going to battle in today’s volatile trading environment.

Throughout history, gold has been an exceptionally safe and effective storage vehicle for the preservation of wealth. During certain periods, however, when political instability consumes headlines and intensifies investors’ anxieties, gold rises to the top of the investment pyramid for its unmatched ability to create wealth relative to other investments.

This lively book is packed with first-person war stories from the front lines of trading. But don’t let its entertaining style fool you, because Gold Trading Boot Camp is also packed with specific detail and hands-on trading advice. This technique-driven handbook tells you which trading environments are tailor-made for building speculative wealth in gold trading, while at the same time explaining how to maximize your profitability from buying and selling gold in virtually every type of market environment. It features:

  • A step-by-step, detailed accounting of the regimen that a successful gold trader, and any successful capital markets investor, should follow each and every trading day
  • A complete overview of the gold market’s structure—essential for making consistently profitable trading decisions in this “tightly held” market
  • Strategies for using technical analysis and quantitative systems to accurately define significant trend reversals, major pivot points, continuation and correction patterns, and trend acceleration sequences
  • An overview of the macro-fundamentals that pinpoint the most pertinent economic indicators and information sources available. The author has crafted an approach that slices through today’s overwhelming amount of data-noise and empowers you to make faster and more informed investment decisions
  • Market-proven methods for identifying trends, trading on momentum, and profiting from the natural movements of the market
  • A valuable reference library of long-term charts that accurately reflect the historic performance of gold and precious metals markets relative to other asset classes

Today’s global-macro environment presents numerous chances to extract profits from the precious metals market—more than we have seen in nearly three decades. With the fast-paced and well-researched Gold Trading Boot Camp as your guide, you’ll enter Greg Weldon’s Boot Camp and discover how to take profitable advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime investment/trading opportunity.

Table of Contents- Gold Trading Boot Camp PDF

Part One Evolution of a Trader
Chapter 1 Trial by Fire 3
Chapter 2 Neophytes and Neanderthals 13
Chapter 3 The Show 17
Chapter 4 The Firm 21
Chapter 5 Character 25

Part Two Evolution of a Macromonetary Era
Chapter 6 “Top-Down”—It Starts at the Top 33
Chapter 7 The Golden Bull 35
Chapter 8 Bretton Woods and the “System” 37
Chapter 9 Seniorage 41
Chapter 10 The Goldbug Is Born 47
Chapter 11 The Emperor with No Clothes 53

Part Three Capital Markets: Looking Inside the Market
Chapter 12 Welcome to My Boot Camp 59
Chapter 13 Intermarket Analysis—The Tape Tells a Story 61
Chapter 14 Who’s on First? Know the Players 101

Part Four Looking Inside the Market Technically
Chapter 15 Reading the Tea Leaves—Technical Analysis 107
Chapter 16 Charts 111
Chapter 17 Moving Averages 121
Chapter 18 Oscillators 129
Chapter 19 Rate-of-Change Indicators 133
Chapter 20 Fibonacci Retracements 139
Chapter 21 Historic Volatility and Volatility Bands 147
Chapter 22 Volume, On-Balance Volume, and Money Flow 151
Chapter 23 The Commitments of Traders Report 153

Part Five Looking Inside the Market: Top-Down Macro
Chapter 24 Again, Everything Matters! 157
Chapter 25 U.S. Monetary Fundamentals and the Federal Reserve System 161
Chapter 26 Energy Market Fundamentals 179
Chapter 27 Global Trade 191
Chapter 28 U.S. Fiscal Fundamentals 203
Chapter 29 Inflation and Labor Market Fundamentals 207
Chapter 30 U.S. Housing and the Consumer 221

Part Six Trend Identification and Momentum Trading
Chapter 31 Why . . . Trend Identification? 237
Chapter 32 Trend Identification Techniques—Momentum, Timing, and Trading the Trend 243
Chapter 33 Countertrend Trading—Divergence, Saturation, and Exhaustion 251
Chapter 34 The “TIMID” Matrix 255

Part Seven Defining and Managing Risk
Chapter 35 Defining Overall Risk 269
Chapter 36 Diversity 271
Chapter 37 Position Leverage 275
Chapter 38 Trade Risk 279
Chapter 39 Correlated Risk 285
Chapter 40 Sector and Portfolio Risk 287
Chapter 41 Psychological Risk 293

Part Eight Putting It All Together
Chapter 42 Using What You Know When Making Decisions 303
Chapter 43 Global Supply-and-Demand Fundamentals: The Mining Industry, Gold Consumption, Gold Holdings, and Central Banks 305
Chapter 44 Chart Library 313



“If speculate you must, read Weldon first.”
—James Grant, Editor, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer

“This book delivers on all of the essential elements of successful financial literature. Weldon provides a compelling context, walks through the metrics that affect the price action, and assimilates the decision-making process in kind. From soup to nuts, this is one of the most comprehensive tutorials I’ve read on the subject of commodities.”
—Todd Harrison, founder and CEO, Minyanville Publishing and Multimedia, LLC

“The gold price is rising in today’s turbulent financial times. Preparation and knowledge are essential to profit from higher prices, and this book provides everything you need to take advantage of the trading opportunities thatlie ahead.”
—James Turk, founder,

“This book, with its insights into the current investment climate coincides with what many feel is a new bull market in gold. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ investment approach, but every investor who applies such preparation and rigor as Greg outlines will certainly have increased returns with fewer losses. It should be on every investor’s bookshelf, handy for reference, and re-read every year. Greg puts paid to the notion of random walk!”
—Kim Evans, CEO, Global Building and Supply

About the author

Gregory T. Weldon is CEO of Weldon Financial and Editor of the influential newsletters Weldon’s Money Monitor, the Commodity and Currency Monitor, the precious metals–specific Metal Monitor, and the stock market–based ETF Playbook. He launched these macro-market publications, covering supply-demand fundamentals, along with technical, intermarket, and psychological insights, after building a successful career as a trader on Wall Street. Weldon has since established himself as a noted authority in the gold market as well as the global capital markets with his regular appearances on CNBC and through private speaking engagements. Information on Weldon’s research products and money management services can be found at

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