Hit and run trading PDF

Hit and run trading PDF

Hit and run trading PDF- The Short-Term Stock Traders’ Bible (updated) by Jeff Cooper- Jeff Cooper is back with a newly updated Hit & Run Trading Volume I. Delivering a day-by-day trading plan of attack, this comprehensive manual is your key to conquering the market on a daily basis.

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Author: Jeff Cooper

Language: English

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Jeff Cooper is back with a newly updated Hit & Run Trading Volume I. Delivering a day-by-day trading plan of attack, this comprehensive manual is your key to conquering the market on a daily basis.

Join Jeff as he reveals his most intimate winning methods for daytrading and short trading the market. While the traditional “buy and hold” strategy may work well in bull markets, Cooper’s “Hit & Run” methods work in ALL markets. His easy to follow methods will show you exactly:

  • Which stocks to focus on each day
  • Where to place your buy stops and sell short stops
  • The precise amount of risk you should take
  • And how to take the psychology out of trading in his new “Mind Over Money” chapter!


“Jeff Cooper is this legendary secretive guru out west, you take his service, you read his books, you understand his method of going in and out without dogma, without religion, and you run with it.”

Discover winning methods for day-trading and swing trading from the man who wrote the bible on short-term trading. Professional stock trader Jeff Cooper first released his original Hit and Run Trading books almost a decade ago, taking the short-term trading world by storm. Now, he’s back with a newly updated Hit and Run Trading edition. Jammed packed with a full arsenal of new tools and strategies to help day-traders compete and survive in this fast-paced, volatile arena.

A true trading sensation and classic – now in its newly updated edition!

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Foreword xi

Preface xv

Chapter 1 The Opening Bell 1

Chapter 2 Terms You Need to Know Before Starting 5

Chapter 3 Rules Are Made to Be Broken—Except These 9

Chapter 4 Creating The Hit List 13

Part One Main Strategies 17

Chapter 5 Expansion Breakoutstm 19

Chapter 6 1-2-3-PullbacksTM 31

Chapter 7 Stepping In Front Of SizeTM 47

Chapter 8 Expansion PivotsTM 59

Chapter 9 180’sTM 69

Part Two Ancillary Strategies 79

Chapter 10 Gilligan’s IslandTM 81

Chapter 11 BoomersTM 89

Chapter 12 SlingshotsTM 97

Chapter 13 WhoopsTM 103

Chapter 14 LizardsTM 113

Chapter 15 Secondaries 119

Chapter 16 Putting The Pieces Together— The Most Important Chapter 127

Chapter 17 Mind Over Money 137

Chapter 18 Walking The Talk: A Week of Hitand-Run Trading 143

Chapter 19 The Closing Bell 151

Appendix 153

About The Author 167


“In the Hit and Run books, Jeff Cooper brought to me a complete synthesis to understand the behavior of the stock markets and trade them practically day in and day out with regular success. After being active for 34 years in the markets as an international assets manager, I can say that Jeff Cooper has given me the invaluable tools and understanding for consistent success.”
—LAURENT LEIMGRUBER, Lic. H.E.C. Geneva, Switzerland

“Jeff’s methods have proven to be very successful. Anyone interested in the workings of the market would be well-served to read this book. As one develops more skill, they will find themselves going back over the patterns to reread and relearn the material to better hone their trading. Jeff has truly taken pattern recognition to a higher level.”
—BILL ABRAMS, Former Specialist, New York Stock Exchange

About the author

Jeff Cooper is a full-time professional equities trader. A graduate of New York University, he is also the creator of the Hit and Run Methodology. He is the author Of Hit and Run Trading, Hit and Run Trading II, and Hit and Run Lessons: Mastering the Trading Strategies as well as several video courses including You Can Succeed and Become a Professional Trader: Jeff Cooper on Dominating the DayTrading Market and Intra-Day Trading Strategies: Proven Steps to Trading Profits.
Mr. Cooper is also a principal of Mutual MoneyFlow Management, a money management firm that is a registered investment advisor.

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