Ilian Yotov

Ilian Yotov

Ilian Yotov is a longtime FX Strategist, known among industry peers as the creator of The Quarters Theory, a revolutionary methodology applied to the price behavior of currency exchange rates. His FX market analysis, outlook and forecasts are sought by popular financial publications worldwide and he is a regular guest speaker at industry events.

For over 13 years, Ilian has been committed to the education of retail FX traders, and has been recognized as one of the leading Forex educators in the world, helping thousands of currency traders worldwide. Ilian Yotov is the Chief FX Strategist and Founder of where he brings a combination of in-depth knowledge and expertise with innovative strategies and trading techniques. He is responsible for driving the company’s research initiatives and for turning them into actionable trade ideas and trading strategies. Ilian is also the host of the popular All Things Forex Broadcast- a daily program featuring live FX market analysis, outlook and education for currency traders.

Ilian Yotov is author of the book “The Quarters Theory: The Revolutionary New Foreign Currencies Trading Method”, published by John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

Ilian Yotov’s book:

The Quarters Theory: The Revolutionary New Foreign Currencies Trading Method

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