Mastering Technical Analysis PDF

Mastering Technical Analysis PDF- John C. Brooks

Mastering Technical Analysis PDF by John Brooks (Using the Tools of Technical Analysis for Profitable Trading) explores a wide range of technical analysis tools, detailing how to use each to improve trading performance.

Category: Technical Analysis

Author: John C. Brooks

Language: English

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Introduction- Mastering Technical Analysis PDF

Learn from a legend of modern technical analysis how to dramatically improve your forecasting accuracy and trading profits

John Brooks is a globally recognized leader in the field of modern technical analysis. In Mastering Technical Analysis, Brooks transfers his considerable knowledge to the printed page, providing both beginning and advanced traders with a broad introduction to the tools and methodologies of technical analysis along with market-proven insights for using those tools to improve analytic skills and trading performance.

Each vital aspect of technical analysis is introduced and explored in detailed, step-by-step fashion:

  • The forces of supply and demand
  • Patterns and pattern recognition
  • Channels
  • Trends
  • Volume
  • Momentum
  • Moving averages
  • Money flow
  • Sentiment
  • Relative strength analysis
  • Cycles
  • Sectors
  • Groups
  • Finding your comfort level and style

Mastering Technical Analysis is a practical examination of the key tools of technical analysis–how they work, why they work, and which work best in specific situations. Written by one of the founding members of the Market Technician’s Association, it will provide you with the guidance and insights you need to improve your trading performance, by removing the guesswork from every move you make.

Technical analysis and trading have undergone a tremendous transformation over the past decade. Exciting new vehicles like exchange-traded funds have combined with inexpensive high-speed computers, low-cost online trading accounts, and unprecedented access to information to create wealth-building opportunities that were previously unavailable to the majority of investors and traders.

This ease of access can also work against you if you don’t take time to learn the nuances.

Mastering Technical Analysis features insights and methodologies for taking full advantage of the opportunities this new world represents without exposing your portfolio to its well-concealed risks. Pioneering technical analyst John Brooks shows you how to understand and skillfully apply well-known as well as little-used tools of technical analysis by exploring:

  • Strategies for studying past market and chart patterns to more accurately forecast future market events
  • The four primary types of charts–line, bar, point and figure, and candlestick
  • What gaps can indicate, from breakaway and continuation to exhaustion and island reversal
  • When to use arithmetic scaling, and when a logarithmic chart is more practical
  • Aspects and uses of numerous types of oscillators, from stochastics and rates of change to MACD, ADX, and more
  • Government statistics–which matter most, and why they can reveal profitable opportunities
  • When, why, and how to use dozens of popular indicators, from the VIX index to the 10-30 DMA
  • Psychological tips and traps for ignoring market noise to instead focus on market opportunities
  • Insights for uncovering profit possibilities in China, India, and other emerging global markets

Through up, down, and neutral trends, and in every economic environment, millions of traders and investors have discovered that the tools of technical analysis can provide remarkable insights into pending market movements. Mastering Technical Analysis provides a comprehensive introduction to the best of these time-honored weapons and, from initial paper trading to real-time application of advanced strategies, presents you with a hands-on template for integrating the profitable advantages of technical analysis into your trading routine.

Table of contents- Mastering Technical Analysis PDF

Chapter 1 Technical Analysis from My Perspective 1
Chapter 2 The Forces of Supply and Demand 15
Chapter 3 Pattern Recognition 27
Chapter 4 The Tools of the Trade 50
Chapter 5 Channels Trends 67
Chapter 6 Volume 82
Chapter 7 Momentum 101
Chapter 8 Moving Averages 115
Chapter 9 Money Flow 132
Chapter 10 Sentiment 147
Chapter 11 Relative Strength Analysis 161
Chapter 12 Building Your Own Toolbox 174
Chapter 13 Cycles 193
Chapter 14 What to Look at in the Market 208
Chapter 15 Sectors and Groups 222
Chapter 16 Individual Stock Selection 234
Chapter 17 Bits and Pieces 245
Chapter 18 Conclusion 259
Index 269

About the author

John C. Brooks is the senior vice president and senior analyst for Lowry’s. During his forty-plus years as a technical analyst, he cofounded the Market Technicians Association and served as one of its past presidents. Brooks was also cofounder of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), which today includes 25 nations and 7,000 members worldwide. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the American Assocaition of Professional Technical Analysts (AAPTA). He received one of the first Chartered Market Technicians (CMT) in the United States.

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