Mind over markets PDF

Mind over markets PDF

Mind over markets PDF (2nd edition) (Power Trading with Market Generated Information) clearly puts this unique method of interpreting market behavior and identifying trading/investment opportunities in perspective.

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Author: Jim Dalton, Eric Jones

Language: English

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Introduction- Mind over markets PDF

When the original edition of Mind Over Markets was first published, the Market Profile was relatively new. This approach offered an effective way to structure information, as well as a new way to look at markets through a time-sensitive, evolving database that records the market’s continuous two-way auction process.

Over twenty years later, this practical handbook—which can help you develop an understanding of market behavior and allow you to trade with the odds in your favor—is still relevant, challenging, and insightful. Since the first book, coauthors Dalton, Jones, and Dalton have continued to delve deeper into the application of auction theory to trading and investment decisions. Now, in the Updated Edition of Mind Over Markets, they once again share their knowledge with you.

Written with serious traders and investors in mind, this practical guide—which is organized around the five basic steps of the learning process—provides a clear path to understanding the underlying logic behind the Market Profile and applying it in real-world situations. With it, you’ll discover how to interpret market dynamics through the organization of price, time, and volume; understand its implications; and act on this information intuitively. Along the way, you’ll learn the objective basics of the Market Profile as well as the nuances that need to be mastered in order to become an expert at this difficult, yet rewarding, endeavor.

The Updated Edition of Mind Over Markets also contains a new concluding chapter that brings the “book learning” in the preceding chapters into the light of real experience, where real money is won and lost in the market’s endless fluctuation. The examples employed provide a clear context for the content—because the synthesis of the five stages of learning can only happen in practice. A new appendix is also included, which compares TPO with Volume Profiles.

The lessons in this book go beyond technical systems—which the Market Profile is not—into areas of self-understanding. While much of the information found here may differ from the accepted models of market analysis, embracing it will allow you to transform insights into instincts and progress on the path to becoming a successful trader.


Emerging over twenty years ago, Market Profile analysis continues to realize a strong following among active traders. The approach explains the underlying dynamics and structure of markets, identifies value areas, price rejection points, and measures the strength of buyers and sellers. Unlike more conventional forms of technical analysis, Market Profile is an all-encompassing approach, and Mind Over Markets, Updated Edition provides traders with a solid understanding of it.

Since the first edition of Mind Over Markets—considered the best book on applying Market Profile analysis to trading—was published over a decade ago, much has changed in the worlds of finance and investing. That’s why James Dalton, a pioneer in the popularization of Market Profile, has returned with a new edition of this essential guide. Written to reflect today’s dynamic market conditions, Mind Over Markets, Updated Edition clearly puts this unique method of interpreting market behavior and identifying trading/investment opportunities in perspective.

  • Includes new chapters on Market Profile-based trading strategies, using Market Profile in connection with other market indicators, and much more
  • Explains how the Market Profile approach has evolved over the past twenty-five years and how it is used by contemporary traders
  • Written by a leading educator and authority on the Market Profile

One of the key elements that has long separated successful traders from the rest is their intuitive understanding that time regulates all financial opportunities. The ability to record price information according to time has unleashed huge amounts of useful market information. Mind Over Markets, Updated Edition will show you how to profitably put this information to work for you.

Table of Contents- Mind over markets PDF

Chapter 1 Introduction 1

Chapter 2 Novice 7

Chapter 3 Advanced Beginner 33

Chapter 4 Competent 59

Chapter 5 Proficient 277

Chapter 6 The Expert Trader 295

Chapter 7 Experience 297

Appendix 1 Value-Area Calculation 331

Appendix II TPO versus Volume Profiles 335

Conclusion 339

Suggested Readings 341

About the Authors 343

Index 345


“Too often, developing traders focus on trying to predict markets before they have fully understood them. Mind Over Markets offers an unparalleled framework for understanding market movement and the processes that drive trends and reversals. Kudos to Jim Dalton for updating this classic text!”
—Brett N. Steenbarger, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, SUNY Upstate Medical University

About the author

Jim Dalton has been involved in the stock and futures markets for more than 40 years. He has been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange where he was a Senior Executive Vice President of the CBOE during its formative years.

At Paine Webberwhich merged into UBS Financial ServicesJim managed an institutional trading desk, then served as Manager, Hedge Fund Research, and finally became Director of Research for Managed Accounts. His experience is fully realized in two books, Mind Over Markets: Power Trading with Market Generated Information (1993), which has recently been translated into French, and Markets in Profile: Profiting from the Auction Process (2007), and his latest work, the Field of Vision DVDs and Workbook.

Eric Jones is a Senior Managing Director and Head of Advisory Solution and Product Development at TIAA-CREF, responsible for TIAA-CREFs individual investment strategy and portfolio management teams, managed account services, financial planning, retirement plan advice, and new product development.

Erics past experience includes more than 25 years of developing new investment products and programs designed to help individual investors more successfully achieve their financial goals and dreams. He has served in a variety of senior roles at national financial services firms spanning the wealth management spectrum, including serving as President and CEO of a broker dealer, a trust company, and a life insurance company.

Eric is the co-author of two other books on the financial markets, investments, and trading: Hedging Foreign Exchange (Wiley) and Markets in Profile (Wiley).

Rob Dalton is the progenitor of Karass Creative, a Seattle agency that bonds brands to tribes by telling stories that matter. For two decades, he has woven compelling campaigns across myriad mediafrom Addy-winning websites to short films and poetryfor a long list of artistic, nonprofit, and corporate clients ranging from Starbucks to TEDx. He lives in the woods on an island with his wife and two boys.

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