Money Master the Game PDF

Money Master the Game PDF

Money Master the Game PDF (7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom) Tony Robbins has created a 7-step blueprint for securing financial freedom. With advice about taking control of your financial decisions, to setting up a savings and investing plan, to destroying myths about what it takes to save and invest, to setting up a “lifetime income plan,” the book brims with advice and practices for making the financial game not only winnable—but providing financial freedom for the rest of your life. 

Category: Personal finance

Author: Tony Robbins

Language: English

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Tony Robbins turns to the topic that vexes us all: How to secure financial freedom for ourselves and for our families. “If there were a Pulitzer Prize for investment books, this one would win, hands down” (Forbes).

Tony Robbins is one of the most revered writers and thinkers of our time. People from all over the world—from the disadvantaged to the well-heeled, from twenty-somethings to retirees—credit him for giving them the inspiration and the tools for transforming their lives. From diet and fitness, to business and leadership, to relationships and self-respect, Tony Robbins’s books have changed people in profound and lasting ways. Now, for the first time, he has assembled an invaluable “distillation of just about every good personal finance idea of the last forty years” (The New York Times).

Based on extensive research and interviews with some of the most legendary investors at work today (John Bogle, Warren Buffett, Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn, and many others), Tony Robbins has created a 7-step blueprint for securing financial freedom. With advice about taking control of your financial decisions, to setting up a savings and investing plan, to destroying myths about what it takes to save and invest, to setting up a “lifetime income plan,” the book brims with advice and practices for making the financial game not only winnable—but providing financial freedom for the rest of your life. “Put MONEY on your short list of new books to read…It’s that good” (

As a former litigator with years of experience working around Wall Street firms, it’s fair to say that a few liars, crooks, and con artists have crossed my path. Since both the legal and financial fields cultivate their share of professional hustlers, I’ve learned to quickly separate the good actors from the bad.

I am also a skeptic by nature. So when Tony Robbins sought me out for this project because of the company I founded in 2007, HighTower, I was curious but wary. Is there really anything new to say about personal finance and investing? And is Tony Robbins the man to say it?
I was, of course, aware of Tony’s tremendous reputation as America’s number one life and business strategist. And like many, I knew that he has worked with everyone from US presidents to billionaire entrepreneurs, transforming their personal and professional lives along the way. But what I didn’t know until we met was that Tony Robbins is the real thing. The man lives up to the hype of the brand. His authenticity was evident, and his passion was contagious. Rather than rehash the sins of the financial industry, Tony came to this project with the goal of democratizing financial services and offering tactics and solutions that had previously been appreciated and used by only the wealthiest investors.

Tony and I hit it off right away because we share a mission of helping empower people to make better, more informed financial decisions. That’s the heart of my company, and it’s what drives me personally. While the financial crisis of 2008 brought to light the conflicts and injustices inherent in the financial system, few people could come up with real-world, practical solutions that would actually make a difference for individuals and families.

Why? Because there’s an inherent conflict in the system. The largest financial institutions are set up to make a profit for themselves, not their clients. Investors may think they are paying fees for high-quality, unbiased advice. Instead, they are all too often paying for the privilege of being offered a small sample of “suitable” investment products and services that are in constant conflict with improving the firm’s bottom line.

HighTower is a solution to these problems, and that’s why Tony originally came to interview me for this book. We offer only investment advice, and we have a platform of leading technology, products, and solutions that meet advisors’ and investors’ needs. We do not engage in the many toxic activities that create conflicts of interest within the major banks. We brought together some of the nation’s best financial advisors. Simply put, we built a better model for transparent financial advice.
Tony’s mission is to organize and bring to the masses the most honest and practical financial solutions—some of them are even “secrets.” He understands that people need more than knowledge— they need a clear road map to a financially secure future.

The guidance provided within these pages is the result of unprecedented access to the leading minds in the financial world. I don’t know of anyone other than Tony who could pull off such a feat. Only Tony, with his wide range of client relationships, his contagious enthusiasm, and his unrelenting passion could have convinced these individuals—among the best in the industry—to share their knowledge and experience.

Like me, these people trust Tony to capture their thinking and simplify it for a broad audience. And because Tony’s passion lies in empowering people, he is able to take these conversations from theory to reality, offering tools that nearly anyone can use to improve his or her financial situation. Tony challenged me to look at the solutions we had created for wealthy investors and figure out a way to make them available and applicable to the general public. I’m proud to say that we are deeply engaged in a variety of projects, and we are excited about the positive impact that together we will have on so many people.

True to his calling, Tony is using this book to empower individual investors while simultaneously helping those who have slipped through the cracks or been left behind by society. While two-thirds of Americans are concerned they won’t have enough to retire, two million people have lost access to food stamps in the past year. Many of these individuals don’t know where their next meal will come from.

Tony has stepped in to help fill the gap. He’s spoken openly about his own experience with homelessness and hunger, and is committed to improving the lives of these often-forgotten populations. Tony is personally committed to feeding 50 million people this year, and is working to double that effort—feeding 100 million people—through matching contributions for next year and in
the years ahead.

Tony has also partnered with Simon & Schuster to donate copies of his bestselling guide Notes from a Friend: A Quick and Simple Guide to Taking Charge of Your Life to those who are in need and just starting to embark on a new path of empowerment. His goal is to feed minds and bodies. I am honored, humbled, and grateful to be a part of this project and eager to see the change we can enact together. I’m excited for you, the reader. You’re about to meet the force of nature that is Tony Robbins and go on a journey that will truly be life changing.

founder and CEO, HighTower

Table of Contents- Money Master the Game PDF

Foreword by Elliot Weissbluth, founder and CEO of HighTower
Introduction by Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of
Chapter 1.1: It’s Your Money! It’s Your Life! Take Control
Chapter 1.2: The 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom: Create an Income for Life
Chapter 1.3: Tap the Power: Make the Most Important
Financial Decision of Your Life
Chapter 1.4: Money Mastery: It’s Time to Break Through
Chapter 2.0: Break Free: Shattering the 9 Financial Myths
Chapter 2.1: Myth 1: The $13T Lie: “Invest with Us. We’ll Beat the Market!”
Chapter 2.2: Myth 2: “Our Fees? They’re a Small Price to Pay!”
Chapter 2.3: Myth 3: “Our Returns? What You See Is What You Get”
Chapter 2.4: Myth 4: “I’m Your Broker, and I’m Here to Help”
Chapter 2.5: Myth 5: “Your Retirement Is Just a 401(k) Away”
Chapter 2.6: Myth 6: Target-Date Funds: “Just Set It and Forget It”
Chapter 2.7: Myth 7: “I Hate Annuities, and You Should Too”
Chapter 2.8: Myth 8: “You Gotta Take Huge Risks to Get Big Rewards!”
Chapter 2.9: Myth 9: “The Lies We Tell Ourselves”
Chapter 3.1: What’s the Price of Your Dreams?: Make the Game Winnable
Chapter 3.2: What’s
Your Plan?
Chapter 3.3: Speed It Up: 1. Save More and Invest the Difference
Chapter 3.4: Speed It Up: 2. Earn More and Invest the Difference
Chapter 3.5: Speed It Up: 3. Reduce Fees and Taxes (and Invest the Difference)
Chapter 3.6: Speed It Up: 4. Get Better Returns and Speed Your Way to Victory
Chapter 3.7: Speed It Up: 5. Change Your Life—and Lifestyle—for the Better
Chapter 4.1: The Ultimate Bucket List: Asset Allocation
Chapter 4.2: Playing to Win: The Risk/Growth Bucket
Chapter 4.3: The Dream Bucket
Chapter 4.4: Timing Is Everything?

Chapter 5.1: Invincible, Unsinkable, Unconquerable: The All Seasons Strategy
Chapter 5.2: It’s Time to Thrive: Storm-Proof Returns and Unrivaled Results
Chapter 5.3: Freedom: Creating Your Lifetime Income Plan
Chapter 5.4: Time to Win: Your Income Is the Outcome
Chapter 5.5: Secrets of the Ultrawealthy (That You Can Use Too!)
Chapter 6.0: Meet the Masters
Chapter 6.1: Carl Icahn: Master of the Universe
Chapter 6.2: David Swensen: A $23.9 Billion Labor of Love
Chapter 6.3: John C. Bogle: The Vanguard of Investing
Chapter 6.4: Warren Buffett: The Oracle of Omaha
Chapter 6.5: Paul Tudor Jones: A Modern-Day Robin Hood
Chapter 6.6: Ray Dalio: A Man for All Seasons
Chapter 6.7: Mary Callahan Erdoes: The Trillion-Dollar Woman
Chapter 6.8: T. Boone Pickens: Made to Be Rich, Made to Give
Chapter 6.9: Kyle Bass: The Master of Risk
Chapter 6.10: Marc Faber: The Billionaire They Call Dr. Doom
Chapter 6.11: Charles Schwab: Talking to Chuck, the People’s Broker
Chapter 6.12: Sir John Templeton: The Greatest Investor of the 20th Century?
Chapter 7.1: The Future Is Brighter Than You Think
Chapter 7.2: The Wealth of Passion
Chapter 7.3: The Final Secret
7 Simple Steps: Your Checklist for Success
Anthony Robbins Companies
About the Author
A Note on Sources


“He has a great gift. He has the gift to inspire.”
—Bill Clinton,
former president of the United States

“Tony Robbins is a human locksmith—he knows how to open your mind to larger possibilities. Using his unique insights into human nature, he’s found a way to simplify the strategies of the world’s greatest investors and create a simple 7-step system that anyone can use on the path to the financial freedom they deserve.”
—Paul Tudor Jones II,
founder, Tudor Investment Corporation, and legendary trader with 28
consecutive years of positive returns for his investors

“Tony Robbins has influenced millions of people’s lives, including my own. In this book he offers you insights and strategies from the world’s greatest investors. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the life-changing value of this book.”
—Kyle Bass,
founder of Hayman Capital Management and investor who turned $30 million into $2 billion in the middle of the subprime crisis

“In this book, Tony Robbins brings his unique talent for making the complex simple as he distills the concepts of the best investors in the world into practical lessons that will benefit both naïve investors and skilled professionals.”
—Ray Dalio,
founder and co–chief investment officer, Bridgewater Associates, #1 largest hedge fund in the world

Money: Master the Game will be a huge help to investors . . . Tony Robbins dropped by my office for a 40-minute appointment that lasted for four hours. It was the most provocative, probing interview of my long career, a reaction shared, I’m sure, by the other souls with strong investment values and sharp financial minds who populate this fine book. This book will enlighten you and reinforce your understanding of how to master the money game and, in the long run, earn your financial freedom.”
—John C. Bogle,
founder, the Vanguard Group and the Vanguard index funds, #1 largest mutual funds in the world
“This book is not the typical financial book in any way. It is packed with wisdom and vital philosophies to enrich your life. A lot of books out there have more sizzle than steak to offer. Tony’s is different. This book will change your life.”
—Dr. David Babbel,
professor of finance, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

“In this book, Tony masterfully weaves anecdote and expertise to simplify the process of investing for readers—priming their financial education and helping them effectively plan for their future.”
—Mary Callahan Erdoes,
CEO, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, $2.5 trillion in assets under management

“Tony Robbins needs no introduction. He is committed to helping make life better for every investor. Every investor will find this book extremely interesting and illuminating.”
—Carl Icahn,
Billionaire Activist and Investor

“A gold mine of moneymaking information!”
—Steve Forbes,
publisher of Forbes magazine and CEO of Forbes, Inc.

“I have spoken at Tony’s financial events several times in the last few years, for which he pays me a fee. But upon closer reflection, I should be the one who pays him a fee. He has the incredible talent of taking complex knowledge from leading financial experts and converting it into simple steps that the average man can apply to achieve financial security and freedom.”

—Marc Faber, winner of Barron’s Roundtable and publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom

“You can’t meet Tony Robbins, and listen to his words, without being inspired to act. This book will give you the strategies to create financial freedom for yourself and your family.”
—T. Boone Pickens,
founder, chairman, and CEO at BP Capital and TBP; predicted oil prices accurately 18 out of 21 times on CNBC

“Robbins’s unrelenting commitment to finding the real answers to financial security and independence, and his passion for bringing the insights of the ultrawealthy to the average man, is truly inspiring. This book could truly change your life.”
—David Pottruck,
former CEO of Charles Schwab and bestselling author of Stacking the Deck

“If you’re looking for answers and you’re committed to creating financial freedom for yourself and
your family, then Tony Robbins is your man. Get this book, change your life.”
—Farnoosh Torabi,
award-winning author of When She Makes More: 10 Rules for
Breadwinning Women

“Sitting in the back of Financial Destiny nearly twenty years ago, I was a student of Tony Robbins’s who had a dream to help teach and empower one million women to be smarter with money. Thanks to Tony, a year later I would be speaking on stage at his events, writing Smart Women Finish Rich, and ultimately creating a program that would reach millions of women worldwide. Today there are more than seven million copies of my Finish Rich books in print, translated into 19 languages. Tony changes lives, and he will change yours. I, like you, will be reading MONEY cover to cover, and sharing it with my friends.”
—David Bach,
nine-time New York Times–bestselling author; titles include The Automatic Millionaire, Start Late, Finish Rich, Smart Women Finish Rich, and Smart Couples Finish Rich; founder of

“We’ve been selected by Forbes as the most innovative company in the world for four consecutive years. Our revenues are now over $5 billion annually. Without access to Tony and his teachings, wouldn’t exist today.”
—Marc Benioff,
founder, chairman, and CEO of

“Tony’s power is superhuman . . . He is a catalyst for getting people to change. I came away with: It’s not about motivation as much as it is allowing people to tap into what’s already there.”
—Oprah Winfrey,
Emmy Award–winning media magnate

“Tony Robbins’s coaching has made a remarkable difference in my life both on and off the court. He’s helped me discover what I’m really made of, and I’ve taken my tennis game—and my life—to a whole new level!”
—Serena Williams,
18-time Grand Slam tennis champion and Olympic gold medalist

“I was afraid that my success would take something away from my family. Tony was able to turn it around and show me that I’ve helped millions of people. Probably the most intense feelings I’ve ever had.”
—Melissa Etheridge,
two-time Grammy Award–winning singer and songwriter

“No matter who you are, no matter how successful, no matter how happy, Tony has something to offer you.”
—Hugh Jackman,
Emmy– and Tony Award–winning actor, producer

“If you want to change your state, if you want to change your results, this is where you do it; Tony is
the man.”
Grammy Award–winning singer, songwriter, entrepreneur

“Working with Tony Robbins, I felt unstoppable. From that moment on, there was zero doubt in my mind about what I wanted and how I was going to achieve it. I was so clear about what I wanted that I made it happen: I became world champion.”
—Derek Hough,
dancer, choreographer, and five-time winner of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars

“Tony Robbins is a genius . . . His ability to strategically guide people through any challenge is
—Steve Wynn,
CEO and founder of Wynn Resorts

“Before Tony, I had allowed myself to be put in a position of fear. After meeting Tony, I made a decision not to be afraid anymore. It was an absolutely game-changing, life-altering experience. I’m so excited and thankful for Tony Robbins and the incredible gift that he gave me.”
—Maria Menounos,
actress, journalist, and TV personality

“What Tony really gave me, a kid sitting on Venice Beach selling T-shirts, was to take risks, take action, and really become something. I’m telling you as someone who has lived with these strategies for 25 years: I’ll come back for more again, and again, and again.”

—Mark Burnett, five-time Emmy Award–winning television producer

“What does this man have that everyone wants? He is a 6’7″ phenomenon!”
—Diane Sawyer,
former ABC World News and Good Morning America anchor

“Tony Robbins helps you take that first step to making real change in your life. I have a pretty good life, but all of us have aspects of our lives that we want to make greater. It’s life changing. It really
—Justin Tuck,
defensive end, Oakland Raiders, and two-time Super Bowl champion

“Tony Robbins knows the rhythm of success. He is an incredible source of inspiration, and his methods have improved the quality of my life. I only work with the best, and Tony is the best.”
—Quincy Jones,
Grammy Award–winning musician, producer

“Tony Robbins provides an amazing vehicle for looking at your life, mapping out a mission, and
determining what’s holding you back and what you need to move forward.”

—Donna Karan, legendary fashion designer, founder DKNY

About the author

Tony Robbins is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. For more than thirty-seven years, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and the transformational power of Mr. Robbins’s business and personal development events. He is one of the nation’s top life and business strategists. He’s called upon to consult and coach with some of the world’s finest athletes, entertainers, Fortune 500 CEOs, and presidents. Robbins is a founder or partner in over a dozen companies in industries as diverse as a five-star Fijian island resort to custom 3D printed Prosthetic limbs. Through the Tony Robbins foundation and his matching funds, Tony has provided over 400 million meals in his partnership with Feeding America. He lives in Palm Beach, Florida.

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