Options trading successfully for beginners

Options trading successfully for beginners

Options trading successfully for beginners (Making Money with Options in just a FEW HOURS)- 3rd edition-  Trading Strategy, Technical Analysis, Personal Finance, & Financial Markets.

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Author: F.R. Commerce 

Language: English

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Almost every other person is afraid of investing the stock market. And since Options Trading is a part of stock market, they don’t bother learning about it. Some of them think that stock market trading is some complex process that needs immediate solutions to make big money. While the other people think that it is pure luck, and most of the time people lose money.

Most people are hesitant to invest in stock market because they see other people around them losing money. Not to mention that the people who lose money, barely know what kind of stocks they’re purchasing and how they should control the risks and leverage their position. But the truth is, once you cover the basics of Options Trading, you will learn how to control different assets – stocks, bond or other commodities.

You see, in Options Trading, you get an options contract. And within the time frame of that contract, you have the ‘option’ to either buy, sell, hand over the rights, or just hold on to them. This control over the assets gives you endless
choices that can eventually result in more profits.

And that’s the underlying reason why smart investors choose to invest in Options Trading rather than purchasing the underlying stock. And of course purchasing an options contract is much cheaper than the actual stock, bond or commodity.

And on top of that, they get to control a number of shares for a lower price.

Now that you’ve got a good introduction of the Options Trading world, let’s get you into the Behind the Scenes doors so you can learn how to leverage everything to earn more.

To begin with, you will start by learning the difference between the stocks and the options and how they bound themselves. You will also be learning the terms that are used in options trading.

Next you will be armed with different strategies that you can choose from time to time to leverage your position, as well as some do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind while trading options. Those are just the basics. And I would recommend you to start by practicing options trading in fake environments (there are websites that allow you to practice that without losing actual money). Or if you are feeling brave enough, you can take on the real world of options.

Congratulations again for buying my book. Now let us begin.

Table of Contents- Options trading successfully for beginners

PART I: What Options Are & How They Work
Chapter 1: Options Explained
Chapter 2a: Why Trade Options?
Chapter 2b: Options, and their Characteristics
Chapter 3: Comparing Options V.S. Stocks

PART II: Some Important Terms
Chapter 4: Remember These Options Terms
Chapter 5: Options Pricing & Trading
Chapter 6: Options Pricing Models

PART III: Let’s Start Investing!
BONUS Chapter: Employee Stock Options
Chapter 7: The Process
Chapter 8: Managing Options
Chapter 9: Basic Options Trading Strategies
Chapter 10: Common Options Trading Strategies
Chapter 11: Avoiding Mistakes in Options Trading
PRACTICE: Your Move: The First Steps

PART V: Intermediate Risk Measurement: Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho, Lambda
Chapter 12: The Different Types of Immediate Risk Management

PART VI: Intermediate Risk Management for Options Trading
Chapter 13: Basic Techniques for Risk Management
Chapter 14: Nine Options Trading Risk Strategies You Should Know

PART VII: Options Trading Secrets And Recovering From Losses
Chapter 15: Ten Options Trading Secrets From The Experts
Chapter 16: How to Recover When Trades Turn Against You
Bonus: 3 Painful Lessons I Learned From My Worst Trade
BONUS: The FR Network
BONUS: Successful Real Estate Investing
BONUS: Successful Stock Investing
BONUS: Successful Forex Trading
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