Profitable candlestick trading PDF

Profitable candlestick trading PDF- Stephen Bigalow

Profitable candlestick trading PDF- Stephen Bigalow- Pinpointing Market Opportunities to
Maximize Profits:

  • Details the most valuable aspect of technical analysis-reversal patterns-as well as reversal signals, including the Doji, the Hammer, the Hanging Man, Engulfing Patterns, and Dark Cloud Cover
  • Explains continuation patterns and explores how they can help with the decision-making process during various trading periods
  • Reveals how to find trading situations that have the maximum potential for profitability, the highest probability of success, and the least amount of risk

Category: Technical Analysis

Author: Stephen Bigalow

Language: English

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Introduction- Profitable candlestick trading PDF

Candlestick analysis is a highly effective but underused investment decision-making technique. Many people in the investment community are aware of candlestick analysis, few really understand how or why it works. The common perception about candlestick trading has always been that it requires a long time to learn and become proficient at it–and that is the major reason the majority of investors have stayed away from it. That misconception is what spurred Stephen Bigalow to write the first edition of Profitable Candlestick Trading in 2001. Now, in this newly revised and updated edition, he draws from ten additional years of trading research to show how to use candlesticks to considerably enhance your investment abilities across all investment vehicles and over all trading time frames.

Signals created by this unique method of technical analysis–represented in the form of graphic “candlestick” formations–identify the immediate direction and effects of investor sentiment through price movements, allowing traders to profit by spotting trend reversals before other investors. The graphical formation of a signal makes reversals immediately visible, providing a visual graphic of investor psychology during a specific time period. Profitable Candlestick Trading details the most valuable aspect of this technical analysis methodology–reversal patterns–as well as reversal signals, including the Doji, the Hammer, the Hanging Man, Engulfing Patterns, and Dark Cloud Cover. The book also explains continuation patterns and explores how they can help with the decision-making process during various trading periods. Its easy-to-understand techniques show how to find trading situations that have the maximum potential for profitability, the highest probability of succeeding, and the least amount of downside risk.

Whether you’re trading stocks, options, currencies, or commodities, the methods described in Profitable Candlestick Trading will dramatically improve your investment capabilities.

With tools in hand, you’ll come to see the built-in advantages of Japanese candlestick trading in this book that offers a thorough review and evaluation of this method of market analysis. Bridging the gap between past wisdom and contemporary practice, Profitable Candlestick Trading offers a complete understanding of this time-tested investing technique.

Table of contents- Profitable candlestick trading PDF

Chapter 1 Introduction 1
Chapter 2 The Reversal Patterns 21
Chapter 3 Continuation Patterns 105
Chapter 4 Major Signals Explained 131
Chapter 5 Finding and Learning the Signals Made Easy 159
Chapter 6 Common Patterns 167
Chapter 7 Revolutionizing Investor Psychology 209
Chapter 8 Analyzing Profitable Trades 227
Chapter 9 Maximizing Profits 245
Chapter 10 Trading Programs 263
Chapter 11 Using Candlesticks to Improve Elliott Wave Analysis 283
Chapter 12 Option Trading Refined 303
Chapter 13 Candlesticks with Commodities and Futures 313
Chapter 14 Trend Analysis: Improving the Probabilities 319
Chapter 15 Eliminating Mental Trading Flaws with
Candlestick Analysis 333

Chapter 16 Candlestick Trading Rules 343
Chapter 17 Conclusion 351
Glossary 355
About the Author 361
Index 363


“Rarely do I review books after I purchase them but got to say this book blew me away. His explanation is on point and I can say with conviction that when I look at a chart, I can easily predict the next move up or down and lock in the profits. Thank you, Mr. Bigalow.”

“I enjoyed this book. I learned a lot, and it was a good read. Very, very well organized, the charts are easy to understand, and the language is actually very readable and enjoyable. This was a fantastic start for learning about candlestick charts.”

About the author

Stephen Bigalow possesses over twenty-five years of investment experience, including eight years as a stockbroker with major Wall Street firms: Kidder, Peabody & Company; Cowen & Company; and Oppenheimer & Company. He holds a Business and Economics Degree from Cornell University.
His book, Profitable Candlestick Trading: Pinpointing Market Opportunities to Maximize Profits, published by John Wiley & Sons, hit the market in January 2002. The book is directed towards the new investor all the way up to the most sophisticated professionals. In addition to developing many educational training products, he has written articles for Stocks and Commodities, and Futures Magazines. High Profit Candlestick Patterns, his recent book, was released in December 2005. This book takes candlestick investing to the next level and illustrates how to use candlestick signals with other technical patterns for increased profitability of trades.
He is the owner of the Candlestick Forum, LLC an educational website developed to teach individual investors how to trade by utilizing the candlestick technical signals. ( His commitment is apparent through his continued support and instructions provided through private chat rooms, and live online web events. While other experts lecture about trading, Mr. Bigalow actively trades on a daily basis.
While consulting with Institutional Investment firms, money managers and energy trading firms, Mr. Bigalow successfully combined conventional techniques with Candlestick analysis to produce unique trading strategies. He shares his distinctive trading approach by presenting Keynote Speeches and Seminars throughout the US and abroad. Mr. Bigalow has advised professional traders, money managers, mutual funds and hedge funds, and is recognized by many in the trading community as the “professional’s professional.”

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