The secret science of Price and Volume

The secret science of Price and Volume PDFTechniques for Spotting Market Trends, Hot Sectors, and the Best Stocks outlines a top-down approach to trading―identifying the trend, picking the strongest sectors, and focusing on the best stocks within those sectors―that will allow you to excel in a variety of markets.

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Author: Timothy Ord 

Language: English

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Introduction- The secret science of Price and Volume PDF

Price and volume analysis is a proven way to trade the markets. Pioneered by Richard Wyckoff during the early decades of the twentieth century, this technique continues to produce consistent profits for many practitioners.

Over the course of his successful career, leading market timer Tim Ord has developed a distinct understanding of this discipline and built a winning trading strategy around it. Now, with The Secret Science of Price and Volume, he looks to share his invaluable insights with you.

Written in a straightforward and accessible style, The Secret Science of Price and Volume outlines a top-down approach to trading that will allow you to make the most of your time in a variety of markets–from stocks to commodities. With this book as your guide, you’ll quickly become familiar with Ord’s time-tested method and discover how it can be used to make more profitable trading decisions.

Step by step, you’ll learn how to:

  • Gauge the sentiment of a market to determine if the trend is bullish or bearish, and whether a possible high or low is nearby
  • Evaluate breadth, volume, and momentum in order to identify triggers to enter the market
  • Find the best performing sectors that are aligned with the market
  • Select the strongest stocks within those sectors

Ord also illustrates various techniques for identifying trade setups, concentrating on the volume within a specific index or issue. Using these tools, he shows you how to “listen” to what the market is saying and move in concert with it, rather than making random trades based on one signal, a hunch, or rumors. Rounding out this detailed discussion, Ord replicates the sequence of steps you should take to create a successful game plan for winning in the market.

By tackling the markets from the top down–identifying the trend, picking the strongest sectors, and focusing on the best stocks within those sectors–you can capture high returns with low risk. The Secret Science of Price and Volume will help you to do this and much more, as it details a practical way to make better trades.

Table of Contents- The secret science of Price and Volume PDF



About the Author

Chapter 1. My Path to Successful Trading.

Becoming a Broker

First Foray into Technical Analysis

A “Student” of the Market

An Incomplete Picture

Understanding Market Timeframes

“Discovering” Wyckoff

Price and Volume Relationships

My Trading Methodology

Chapter 2. Overview of My Method.

Timeframes and Trading

Taking a Top-Down Approach

Aligning with the Market

Chapter 3. Physics of Price and Volume Analysis

Determining Buy and Sell Signals Using Ord-Volume

The Bullish Setup


Chapter 4. Price and Volume Relationships

Volume Analysis at Swings

Trading Gaps with Volume Comparisons

Chapter 5. Combining Ord-Volume with Swing Price and Volume Relationships

Combining Ord-Volume and Volume Relationships

Understanding Volume Pushing Price and Timeframes

Using Longer and Shorter Chart Timeframes

Summing It Up: Swing Price, Volume and Ord-Volume

Chapter 6. The “Wind at your Back” Method

Finding Market Direction

Breadth Analysis

Volume Analysis

Momentum Analysis

Chapter 7. Sector Analysis and Stock Analysis

The Importance of Sentiment

Sector and Stock Analysis

Investor Sentiment Helps Pick Market Turns

Summing It Up: The Consensus of Indicators

Chapter 8. Gold Stocks

The Big Picture

Reading the Price Relative to Gold Ratio (PRTG)

Elliott Wave Analysis in Gold

Using “Third Time Up” and Volume Analysis

Applying Breakout Analysis

What Lies Ahead for Gold

Concluding the Gold Discussion

Chapter 9. Putting it All Together

Step 1: Reading Market Sentiment

Step 2: Evaluating Breadth, Volume and Momentum

Step 3: Picking the Strongest Sectors

Step 4: Selecting the Strongest Stocks

Putting It All Together



“I have read multiple books on trading, always with the hope that I will pull one really useful concept from the body of work. One useful concept can save thousands of dollars or better yet make thousands of $$$ if used correctly. We all know stochastics, MACD, and Bollinger Bands, though I pause to ask do we know them as well as we think?

You may not use volume in your trading decisions and if you don’t my guess is you never really understood how to use it (I did not). Volume is the energy in the market, it is a snapshot of supply and demand. Tim Ord’s book gives you that understanding. I especially liked his analysis of volume at support and resistance areas. That alone was worth the price of the book plus some. He also gives an excellent way to see if the market is overbought or sold, also worth the price of the book. You will find a lot of detail about his Ord Volume tool which is available for a fee on his website, and personally I found this both educational and interesting. One of the best books I have read. I highly recommend this book be purchased and read several times. I would also suggest Nisons work on Candles and Bollinger on Bollinger Bands. God Bless to All and Good Trading!”- STU

About the author

Timothy Ord  is President, Editor, and Publisher of The Ord Oracle, which is an electronic advisory newsletter that recommends S&P, NASDAQ, and gold stock trades. He is frequently listed as one of the top-ten market timers in the country. Timer Digest ranked him the number-one gold timer for the one-year period ending January 13, 2006, and the number-two gold timer—and number-five S&P timer—in 2004. Ord introduced the tick index method in 1991, and the method is now widely used by short-term stock traders. He has also developed a new trading method (packaged in a software program) called Ord Volume, which measures strength in a rally or decline for a stock or index. His Web site is

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We’re sorry, this book is currently not available!

e4t, the secret science of price and volume by tim ord

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