Stock market cash flow- Andy Tanner PDF

Stock market cash flow- Andy Tanner PDF

Stock market cash flow- Andy Tanner PDF- Four Pillars of Investing for Thriving in Today’s Markets begins by addressing many of the challenges stock market investors face today and the various ways many investors use the stock market to achieve their goals.

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Author: Andy Tanner

Language: English

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The book begins by addressing many of the challenges stock market investors face today and the various ways many investors use the stock market to achieve their goals.

A valuable discussion of where paper assets fit (and do not fit) in the context of Rich Dad principles and its place among the other assets classes such as real estate business and commodities.

The bulk of the book educates investors on “Andy’s 4 pillars of stock market income” and effectively simplifies the four concepts to help investors begin to harness their power.

The book concludes with ideas for an individual action plan suited to the goals of the reader

Table of Contents- Stock market cash flow- Andy Tanner PDF

Foreword by Robert Kiyosaki
Chapter One- Become a Great Investor by Becoming a Great Student
Chapter Two- Paper Assets in Your Wealth Plan
Chapter Three- Introducing the 4 Pillars of Investing
Chapter Four- Pillar 1: Fundamental Analysis
Chapter Five- Pillar 2: Technical Analysis
Chapter Six- Pillar 3: Cash Flow
Chapter Seven- Pillar 4: Risk Management

Chapter Eight- Your Next Steps


“Being a big fan of the ‘Rich Dad’ series of books and an avid trader of stocks and options I did not know what to expect from this book trying to tie it all together. I was pleasantly surprised by this books ability to explain the basic concepts of trading stocks and options using fundamental analysis and technical analysis to create cash flow by using paper asserts. I believe this is a much simpler and easier process for building net worth and cash flow than dealing with rental properties and real estate. I really like how Andy Tanner suggested 1% risk of capital per trade as a basic example of proper risk management which I agree with and also his explanation of how traders can operate like casinos not gamblers with the use of an edge. His biggest points were how to use stock option contracts for leverage in your trading versus the need to own stocks and also how to sell option contracts for cash flow consistently. I really loved his stories of how Warren Buffett sold naked puts on value stocks at levels he wanted to own them at and how Mark Cuban was paid in Yahoo Inc. stock for the business they bought from him and he was able to hedge the Yahoo stock with puts to ensure he would remain a billionaire even if Yahoo collapsed, which it did from over $100 to $4 a share with the dot com bubble burst in the year 2000. This is an excellent beginners book for would be traders of options, the scope of this book is just an introduction the principles and concepts of trading options profitably which will be a big eye opener to many new traders. If you are interested in the concepts of the ‘Rich Dad’ series of books or how to trade this is a great place to start.”- Steve Burns

About the author

Andy Tanner is a renowned paper assets expert, successful business owner and investor known for his ability to teach key techniques for stock options investing. He serves as a coach to Rich Dad’s Stock Success System trainers and as the Rich Dad Advisor for Paper Assets.

As a highly sought after educator, Andy has taught tens of thousands of investors and entrepreneurs around the world. He often speaks to students at the request of Robert Kiyosaki, showing how paper assets fit into the Rich Dad system of investing. In 2008, Andy was key in helping develop and launch Rich Dad’s Stock Success System, which teaches investors advanced technical trading techniques to profit from bull and bear markets.

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