SYNERGY Basic trading method PDF

SYNERGY Basic trading method using: Heiken ashi candle, Price Action Channel and Traders Dynamic Index (TDI).

The Synergy method uses a hybrid custom indicator developed to show postive (buyers) sentiment or negative (sellers) sentiment. Working in unison, Price Action and Market Sentiment give traders a distinct trading advantage. When both are in agreement, favorable trading conditions exists.

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Average Price Bars

Provide a better depiction of current market.

– Reveal market strength & consolidation.

– Eliminate fluctuations of nominal price action.

– Remove the noise of price distortion of the underlying trend.

Why use SYNERGY Basic trading method 

The “trading edge” of Synergy:

1. A high degree of probability.
2. Enter and exit trades with less emotions.
3. Trade decisions dictated by price action, not by preconceived beliefs and opinions.

What is SYNERGY?

what is synergy method

There are 4 primary market conditions in a potential trade:

1. Price action
2. Trend
3. Momentum
4. Strength

SYNERGY Chart Setup

Average Price Bars

Price Action Channel

Traders Dynamic Index

SYNERGY method

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