Technical Analysis of Stock Trends Explained PDF

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends Explained

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends Explained PDF (An Easy-to-Understand System for Successful Trading) makes investment trading using Technical Analysis easy to understand for any level of investor.

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Author: Michael Thomsett 

Language: English

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This book makes investment trading using Technical Analysis easy to understand for any level of investor.

This book offers to teach you a simple and concise system that helps you trade profitably and avoid making the wrong trades, without the complexities that normally derail so many traders.

The book removes the confusion and uncertainty in making trading decisions so you can manage trades successfully.

Table of Contents- Technical Analysis of Stock Trends Explained PDF

Segment 1. Fundamental vs. technical analysis. (Differences and
similarities; using both together in a coordinated program.)
Segment 2. Does technical analysis work? (Examples and a case study
showing the value of technical analysis.)
Segment 3. Critics of technical analysis.
Segment 4: Assumptions behind technical analysis.

Segment 1. What is a chart?
Segment 2. Types of charts in use today: line chart, OHLC, and candlestick charts
Segment 3. Chart properties: time scale, price scale
Segment 4. Chart patterns in Western technical analysis

Segment 1. What are Japanese candlesticks?
Segment 2. Features: open and close, high and low, price direction
Segment 3. A short list of candlestick signals
Segment 4. Study of several candlesticks charts

Segment 1. Why do prices trend?
Segment 2. The Dow Theory and tracking of technical trends
Segment 3. Identifying trend lines and channel lines: up, down and horizontal
Segment 4. Short-term trends, reaction trends, and primary trends – analysis on stock charts

Segment 1. What are moving averages?
Segment 2. Types of MAs
Segment 3. Trends and trend reversals based on MA analysis
Segment 4. MA applied to price changes

Segment 1. Indicator types: price, volume, momentum
Segment 2. Convergence and divergence, and their significance
Segment 3. Directional indicators
Segment 4. Using indicators with candlestick chart reversal signals

Segment 1. RSI, MACD, Stochastics and others
Segment 2. Interpreting momentum changes
Segment 3. Leading or lagging indicators?
Segment 4. Oscillators used with candlestick signals

Segment 1. Why is confirmation the key process in technical analysis?
Segment 2. Entry and exit timing via confirmation
Segment 3. Sources of confirmation
Segment 4. Confirmation techniques used with trend changes
About the Author
About the Publisher


An Excellent Book In Its Niche

The stock market attracts millions every year. Many are ruined, some are made rich. The secret lies in understanding stock trends.

Understanding stock trends is easier said than done. Two methods dominate the analysis today, the fundamental analysis and the technical analysis. Proponents of each method vouch by the method they use. The author of this book, however, maintains that one should understand both the methods and use them in a complimentary manner.

About The Book:
*** The book is written in a most accessible manner.
*** Even a person totally ignorant of the subject can master it with the help of this book.
*** The book is sufficiently comprehensive to explain all the essential aspects of the subject.
*** Charts and graphs make the subject easy to grasp objectively.
*** The book is written in the form of a course to teach the subject to the reader.

*** A good book in its niche.
*** A motivated person will be surprised by all what the book will teach him.
*** Good buy if you wish to teach the subject to yourself.


Dr. Johnson C. Philip

About the author

Michael Thomsett is a fulltime professional author. educator and speaker. He has written over 70 books on topics of options, trading, investing, real estate and business management. He also teaches five investing and trading courses at the New York Institute of Finance, and operates his own educational trading site,

As a frequent guest speaker, Thomsett addresses a variety of audiences on many trading topics. In January and Feberuary, 2013, he is a guest lecturer in a sixweek course on trading topics at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Among his best-selling books are six that have sold over one million copies in total. These are Getting Started in Options, The Mathematics of Investing, and Getting Started in Real Estate Investing (John Wiley & Sons), Builders Guide to Accounting (Craftsman), How to Buy a House, Condo or Co-Op (Consumer Reports Books), and Little Black Book of Business Meetings (Amacom).

Thomsett lives near Nashville, Tennessee

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technical analysis of stock trends explained an easy-to-understand system for successful trading pdf free ebook download

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