The 1 hour trade- Brian Anderson PDF

The 1 hour trade- Brian Anderson PDF

The 1 hour trade- Brian Anderson PDF – (Make Money With One Simple Strategy, One Hour Daily) details a short term investment system for getting into stocks making big price gains. The best part? It can be done in as little as an hour after the market opens each morning.

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Introduction- The 1 hour trade- Brian Anderson PDF

There are very few worthwhile skills in this world, if any at all, that are easily mastered. Painstakingly difficult skills, like golf or surfing, for instance (At least for me; I’m terrible at both.), take years of regular practice just to become “good;” to become an expert takes decades.

Trading the markets is no different than these and other hard-earned skills. After years of grinding away in practice of these pursuits, the subconscious takes on an increasing role. One day you wake up, and what was once so difficult for so long now seems simple, fluid, even easy.

With almost no exceptions, there are no short cuts.

Here’s the good news . . . with trading, it is possible to fast-track your skill. You can become a successful trader, creating income for yourself, in a very short period of time.

In order to fast-track your trading skill, you need to adopt a laser beam focus on one specific setup, follow detailed rules and parameters, and ignore all other potential trading activity until you’ve mastered your one setup. It doesn’t have to be the one I provide in this book, but whatever setup you end up choosing, it must remain your singular focus until you have become great at it. After that, you can expand into others, one by one, mastering each before the next.

I’ve been trading full-time for several years. 90% of that time, I was losing money or just scraping by with marginal gains. I’ve made every mistake and bad decision one can make in the market. The goal of this book is to save you from as much of that as possible and get you started on a profitable setup from which you can generate an income.

During the first several years of my trading career, I studied every book I could get my hands on. I studied value investing, day trading, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, chart patterns, trader psychology, and risk management— everything and anything I thought might give me an edge. My charts had a dozen indicators on them; I had several scanners alerting me to a number of ideal setups in real-time. I knew exactly what to look for and how to execute on many patterns and setups. I was eager and excited to make my millions in the market. Despite having all the theoretical knowledge and a firm grasp of it all, I continued to make mistake after mistake and lose money.

I suspect at least some of you have had similar experiences.

So what changed for me?

There’s a saying, something to the effect of, “A dog chasing two rabbits catches neither.” After reviewing my trading history, I realized I was chasing about a dozen rabbits, and I wasn’t catching any of them.

I reflected on all the books I had invested in, rereading sections, reviewing notes, trying to find whatever it might be that would help me find the missing piece to success and consistent profit. During this reflection, something occurred to me.

In examining the practices of several of the most successful investors and traders, both alive and in generations past, they all have two things in common with regard to their strategies:

1. They have an extremely limited playbook, only a handful of setups they search for and commit capital to. Many have only one.

2. They have very specific rules and parameters, which their potential setup must meet.

I had overlooked this important fact and, instead, was trying to incorporate too many strategies into one plan. After this realization, I stopped trying to be a master of every trade. I stopped chasing a dozen different rabbits. I simplified. I decided, “I’m going to focus on one specific setup and become an expert at it.”

My goal, formerly to “become a successful trader,” became “to master three or four high reward, low risk setups, and build my success around them.” With this new focused goal, I went to work. I became consistently profitable, all because I adopted a hyper-focus on only a single setup.

This book is the product of years of experience, failure, success, and education. It will teach you to create a second source of income, or significantly grow your account balance, by trading that first setup on which I built my consistency.

If you’re familiar with trading, this book should be easy for you to grasp. If you’re new to trading, I do my best to give you the foundational knowledge you need, but depending on how new you are, the material may be a little advanced.

If you find this to be the case after you’re through reading, please email me and I will answer any questions you have to get you up to speed and successful with this strategy. My contact information is at the end of the book.

The setup I’ve chosen for you is one I believe offers the best combination of high reward and simple implementation. It is possible to execute if you, like most people, can’t spend the entire day watching the market (It only takes about an hour each morning around the market’s open at 9:30am EST.) to identify the setup and execute an entry.

With that being said, you will need to have access to your account to monitor and manage your exit order throughout the day and especially before the market closes. Nearly every brokerage offers smartphone apps to manage your account, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Now please understand, “simple” DOES NOT mean easy. Successfully implementing this strategy and creating consistent income takes discipline and patience. These two skills can be harder to manage than every other single component of trading combined. And, unfortunately, they’re impossible to gain from a book, but I try to help a bit.

I will give you a formula to succeed with step-by-step instructions, and I will outline the full range of decision making required to appropriately identify solid opportunities and capitalize on them for profits.

It is my goal to bring you to consistent income, while saving you from the high cost of “trader tuition” and the years of unprofitability most have to endure before becoming successful, if ever. As long as you bring patience and discipline to the table, this can be the start of a beautiful relationship, and you will make money.

If you can’t bring the mental side, your account balance will not end well.

Let’s be successful.

Brian Anderson

Table of Contents- The 1 hour trade- Brian Anderson PDF

Chapter 1 – High Volume Runners
Chapter 2 – Basic Training
Chapter 3 – Volume and Price Action
Chapter 4 – Controlling Risk
Chapter 5 – Identifying High Volume Runners
Chapter 6 – After the Alert
Chapter 7 – Gaining Entry
Chapter 8 – Taking Profits
Chapter 9 – Chart Review
Chapter 10 – Step-By-Step Recap
Final Remarks & Contact Info


“Being new to investing in the stock market, I tried the approach I’d like to think most people do. Get overeager on large gains, buy and sell whimsically at a loss and occasionally get lucky.
After growing tired of my account looking like a heartbeat pattern, I decided to skip the penny stocks and switch over to longer-term swing trades. It worked well for a couple of months and was a lot less stressful which was nice.
While my account was consistently growing, the gains weren’t substantial enough for me, I needed that penny stock volatility.
So I decided to get back into the game, but first I decided to educate myself and find a set game plan and rules to adhere to. I went out and bought twelve day trading books from Amazon and elsewhere. While I’ve only gotten through 4 of them so far, this was the first one that was neatly laid out in a very clear and concise manner entailing the scanner setup, entry point, order type, stop losses and exit points with some bonus information on things, such as volume.

Since I have begun this trading technique last week, all of my 3 trades were successful with a profit realization of 12% or greater per trade.

I highly recommend this book.”Justiin Caswell

About the author

Brian AndersonEquities Trader, Entrepreneur, and Author “Proven Investment & Trading Strategies for the Price of a Cocktail” Becoming a profitable trader or a successful investor is hard enough; accessing quality information and tools to improve your skill shouldn’t be expensive. Brian has been trading full time for years, and made every mistake and bad decision one can make in the market before finding success. His books will help save you from the mistakes, and set you up with the tools and step by step strategies you’ll need to fast-track your skills. No fluff, no long winded dissertations on market theory, just the core strategies you need to set yourself up for success. Not a “get rich quick” formula: this stuff is hard work and takes mental discipline. But if you’re ready to work hard and maintain a strong will, he can teach you proven setups that will create an income or grow your account balance. Aside from building, trading stocks, and writing, Brian enjoys spending time with his family, loves a good conversation, is an avid reader, a sports enthusiast, and a fan of all things 80s.

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