The Curious Case of Black Money and White Money PDF

The Curious Case of Black Money and White Money

The Curious Case of Black Money and White Money PDF Exposing the Dirty Game of Money Laundering! You cannot understand MONEY LAUNDERING unless you understand ‘How’ this GAME is actually played. Flip in and you will!! Get inside to know ‘How’ the following may be related with conversion of black money into white.

Category: Personal finance

Author: Varun Chandna

Language: English

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This book is not subject to any expert opinion and is aimed at presenting an interesting and valuable content to its readers.
The book does not contain any amount of expert advice on any of the schemes listed herein. All the modus operandi and methods stated here are as result of in-depth research on the subject intended to benefit investigators and douse curiosity of people interested in knowing the ‘how’ of Money Laundering. The book neither contains any professional advice nor is a substitute for any professional or expert advice with respect to its subject.

My intention of writing this book is to explain Money Laundering to everyone in an interesting manner. For this purpose, I have used examples of some common malpractices that facilitate conversion of Black Money into White. This would also enable various readers to understand the rationale behind barrage of anti-abuse measures introduced by government in a better way and delve into their details, if and when required since none of the methods of laundering money is unknown to the government.

Varun Chandna

Table of Contents- The Curious Case of Black Money and White Money PDF

The Great Demonetisation of India and the Check Mate Moves Played by Both Sides
Union Budget 2017: Directions Towards Clean India – Directions
Towards Clean Money
Introduction to the Book
Ways to Transfer Money and Hawala
Method 1: Colombian Peso Exchange
Method 2: Layer of Trusted Lieutenants
Method 3: Gifts
Method 4: Unsecured Loans
Method 5: Assignment of Fixed Deposit (FD)
Method 6: Fake Creditors
Method 7: Donations to Political Parties
Method 8: Charitable Trusts
Method 9: Earning Agricultural Income
Method 10: Real Estate
Method 11: Doing Bogus Business/Front Companies
Method 12: Shell Corporations
Method 13: Penny Stocks
Method 14: Fake Contract Notes
Method 15: Sale and Buy-Back of Physical Shares
Method 16-A: Derivative Trading – Futures & Options (F&O) Segment
Method 16-B: Derivative Trading – Futures & Options (F&O) Segment
Method 17: Change of Client Code in Trading in Real Contract Note
Method 18: Small Merger & Acquisition (M&A)
Method 19: Share Premium Companies
Method 20: Convertible Financial Instruments
Method 21: Stake Sale at Discount
Method 22: Evasion of Stamp Duty Tax
Method 23: Private Placement or Preferential Allotment of Securities

Method 24: Issuance of Shares to the Marginalised
Method 25: Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML): A New Approach to Money Laundering
Method 26: Taking Benefit of Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
Method 27: Gold, Diamonds, Gems and Jewellery: Let’s Know a Bit More About Them
Method 28: Bitcoins and Digital Currencies: Understanding their ‘Wow’ Effect
Method 29: Gambling
Method 30: Start-Up Companies
Method 31: Tax Amnesty Schemes Thought of Finding Black Money on Street
About the Author


About the author

Varun Chandna is a Chartered Accountant from India who has worked with some big National and Multinational Banks & Financial Institutions for more than a decade before settling down in his own practice.
His intention of writing this book is to explain Money Laundering to everyone in an interesting manner. In this book, he has also talked about the Great Demonetisation of India, certain tax abuses and the quintessential – Trade Based Money Laundering.

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