The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets PDF

The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets

The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets PDF (How to Keep Your Portfolio Up When the Market is Down) reveals how you should protect your assets and invest your money when the American economy is experiencing perilous economic downturns and wealth building is happening elsewhere. 

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Written by seasoned Wall Street prognosticator Peter Schiff–author of the bestselling book Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse–The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets reveals how you should protect your assets and invest your money when the American economy is experiencing perilous economic downturns and wealth building is happening elsewhere. Filled with insightful commentary, inventive metaphors, and prescriptive advice, this book shows you how to make money under adverse market conditions by using a conservative, nontraditional investment strategy.


What Do We Mean by Bull and Bear Markets?
The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets is a book for stock investors; its focus is on preserving and enhancing invested wealth at a time when a collapsing American economy threatens to destroy it. The current economic backdrop requires a fresh approach to investing, and before getting too deeply into the discussion, I want to say a word about what I mean by the terms bull and bear markets.


ONCE IN A GREAT while, the world undergoes big changes. The great discovery voyages at the end of the fifteenth century led to a huge enlargement of the world’s economic sphere. Venice—master of the previously important Mediterranean trade routes, and the world’s richest and most powerful city—was thrown into a corner of the world, as Voltaire later observed.

The breakdown of the socialist/communist ideology at the end of the twentieth century and the end of policies of self-reliance and isolation on the Indian subcontinent were other big changes. Suddenly, three billion ambitious and motivated people joined the world’s free market economy and the capitalistic system. These new citizens of the global economy are striving mightily to raise themselves to the level of affluence they see in their Western counterparts. Simply put, the free world has been joined by more than three billion people who have a similar frame of mind as the American pioneers of the nineteenth century.

At the same time, as Peter Schiff so vividly shows in this book, economic policy makers in the United States have totally lost their way. No wonder that in recent years a new economic and financial anxiety has taken hold among those public citizens who try to understand the world around them. This confusion is largely a function of the increasingly incomprehensible explanations offered by the most powerful figures in government, academia, and commerce. Anyone who has recently listened to the 2008 speeches of Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, is familiar with the feeling. The large words flow, but the concepts never coalesce into anything that is meaningful even to those, like myself, who have studied economics.

As a result, many regular folks may be tempted to look at economics much as they look at quantum physics: concepts that lie beyond the reach of casual understanding. When the policies of the Federal Reserve seem to be counterintuitive, who can blame them? As an example,currently the  Fed is obsessed with solving economic and financial problems with artificially low interest rates at a time when, because of the entry into the global economy of the three billion people I referred to earlier, inflationary pressures, especially on raw materials, are very high.

In fact, it would appear that academia has found a gold mine in transforming basic economics and the art of investment based on common sense into a science of finance, filling entire libraries with pages and pages of indecipherable equations. Government leaders have seized upon these theories as a means to deploy a smoke screen between their own actions and the impact those moves make on the economy.

However, we are fortunate to have someone like Peter Schiff, who shows us, with common sense and in a highly readable and focused account of economic and financial trends over the past few years, not only how to avoid costly investment mistakes, but how to capitalize on opportunities that will preserve and enhance our wealth.

Whereas many experts view the greed and irresponsibility of subprime lenders as the underlying cause of the current credit market turmoil, Peter vividly shows how the Fed, through irresponsible monetary policies, not only caused the credit crisis, but also destroyed the value of the dollar and fueled the staggering price increases in food and energy.

Why is this book so good? Because Peter Schiff has common sense and does not mince his words. With admirable clarity, sarcasm, and hard-hitting criticism of the Fed and other policy makers, he explains the causes and consequences of the current financial crisis and how you can find ways to preserve your capital. Schiff clearly understands that a big change in the world’s economic and political equilibrium is under way and that such a change requires unconventional thinking and new investment strategies.

My advice is this: Listen to another incomprehensible speech by the chairman of Federal Reserve Board, and then read this book written by a businessman with common sense! You will then know why the U.S. economy is in so much trouble, what caused the financial crisis, and how you can prepare for the future. You will also lose all respect for the financial leaders in Washington and Wall Street who claimed wisdom but delivered only folly. Peter Schiff has written a true masterpiece.

Editor of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report

Table of Contents- The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets PDF

Foreword by Marc Faber xvii
Author’s Note xxi
Introduction xxxi
Chapter One
Let’s Do the Time Warp Again 1
Chapter Two
Saving Your Assets 23
Chapter Three
Beware of False Prophets 43
[ x i v ] C O N T E N T S
Chapter Four
Of Babies and Bathwater 67
Chapter Five
Hot Stuff 85
Chapter Six
The Ring in the Bull’s Nose 107
Chapter Seven
Weathering the Storm 131
Chapter Eight
Favorite Nations 153
Chapter Nine
If You Want to Roll the Dice 173
Chapter Ten
To Infinity and Beyond 185
Chapter Eleven
A Decade of Frugality 205
Chapter Twelve
Pack Your Bags 227
Chapter Thirteen
The Light at the End of the Tunnel 247


“Peter Schiff is one of the few financial analysts who understands the Federal Reserve’s responsibility for the boom-and-bust cycle plaguing the American economy. Anyone wishing to know why the American economy is in trouble should add this book to their reading list.”
—Ron Paul, United States Congressman

“Schiff was warning us about our fragile economic foundation long before the first cracks started to appear. There are plenty of market cheerleaders out there, but if you want advice from a market realist who has been proven right again and again, read this book.”
—Glenn Beck, host, The Glenn Beck Program

“Peter Schiff understands the big financial picture better than most Wall Street professionals. Investors—with or without experience—will benefit from his insights, making this book a must-read.”
—Jim Rogers, international investor and author of A Gift to My Children

“I don’t always agree with Peter, but I always listen to what he has to say. Anyone who has a track record as good as his in predicting future pricing of commodities and equity markets cannot be ignored. We always look for ways to stay ahead of the market. This little book, written by someone whose prognostications have proven prescient, should be a part of formulating your strategy for the future.”
David Asman, Fox Business and Fox News anchor and host, and former op-ed editor of the
Wall Street Journal

“One of Wall Street’s great straight shooters, Peter Schiff is a reliable source of unvarnished economic reality who has the common sense to yell “fire” when everyone else quibbles over the definition of “smoke.”
Paul Tharp, Financial Writer, the
New York Post

About the author

PETER D. SCHIFF is President of Euro Pacific Capital, Inc., and one of the few unbiased investment advisors to have predicted the current bear market and positioned his clients accordingly. Schiff appears frequently on Fox News, Fox Business News, CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV, and has been quoted in such publications as the Wall Street JournalBarron’s, the Financial Times, and the New York Times. He is also the author of Crash Proof, which is published by Wiley.

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