The stock option income generator PDF

The stock option income generator PDF

The stock option income generator PDF- (How to Make Steady Profits by Renting Your Stocks) won’t make you an instant expert or give you a surefire formula for making money. But it could be an important step toward taking control of your financial future. My goal is to convince and train you to be your own portfolio manager while using a method that enables you to invest without fear.

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Author: Harvey Conrad Friedentag 

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The greatest investment experience of your life begins today. And this experience is really timely, because all the day traders are gambling without knowing what they are doing.

Thirty-six years ago, working at my kitchen table, I started a unique endeavor for investing. Since that modest beginning, my portfolio management service has grown to be a source of personal satisfaction and income not just for me but, even better, for my clients. And this book will do the same for you.

Why? Because this book covers what I know to be the single most rewarding form of investing in existence—the covered call option.

This book is a road map. I have developed a step-by-step program to make you a successful investor, as I have made my clients successful investors. Let me lead you to the same success.

Let me open your eyes to the facts about this extraordinary investment arena. In the following pages, you will learn the basics of selecting the best stocks for covered call options.

The approach is simple. The complete strategy is easy to execute and will save you both time and money. The first chapters of the book are truly fundamental, dealing with the basics of investing. If you are already comfortable with investing, I suggest you move directly to the advanced part of the book, which tells you how to move beyond comfort to real success.

The methods discussed in this book have achieved proven results over many years. The strategies and tactics outlined will allow you to accumulate assets steadily. You can reach your investment goals within a reasonable amount of time. In studying my book you will learn:
 To heed the lessons of the past
 To invest without doubt
 To make profits in the stock market
 To profit whether the market goes up, or down, or sideways

Contents- The stock option income generator PDF

CHAPTER 1 Fear and Ignorance 1
CHAPTER 2 Invest with Confidence 15
CHAPTER 3 An Overview of How to Invest 37
CHAPTER 4 Stock Picking, Research, and Annual Reports 53
CHAPTER 5 How to Read the Financial News 71
CHAPTER 6 The Art of Investing, Risk, and Reward 79
CHAPTER 7 Dividend Reinvestment Plans 105
CHAPTER 8 Picking and Dealing with a Stockbroker 113
CHAPTER 9 Advanced Investing and Goal Setting 131
CHAPTER 10 Building Your Portfolio 141
CHAPTER 11 Basic Investment Guidelines 159
CHAPTER 12 Options and the Stock Market 171
CHAPTER 13 Options and Potential Returns 197
CHAPTER 14 Margin: The Credit You Can Use 215
CHAPTER 15 Managing an Option
CHAPTER 16 Option Income Portfolio as a
CHAPTER 17 Options: Standard Operating Procedures 255

CHAPTER 19 Conclusions 279


“Mr. Friedentag has demystifi ed the world of covered calls in this follow- up to Stocks for Options Trading. He has taken over twenty years of experience and made the ability to generate income from stocks look easy. Any trader who wants sure fi re straightforward ways to extract money from the market needs to read this book.”
—Noble DraKoln, founder, Speculator Academy, and author of Trade Like a Pro

“The Stock Option Income Generator offers investors an approach to investing in options that makes it understandable even for the novice. The reader will have the knowledge to begin implementing an incomegenerating option strategy from day one. A must-read for investors interested in using covered calls.”
—Matthew D. McCall, President, Penn Financial Group

About the author

Harvey Conrad Friedentag is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and has been managing personal portfolios professionally since 1986. Mr. Friedentag has been certified as a United States Federal Court expert witness on stock trading, is an acknowledged expert on stock renting the use of derivatives (exchange-traded equity call options), and serves as president of the Contrarian Investment Club in Denver, Colorado.

He is also author of Investing without Fear—Options (Chicago: International Publishing Corp., 1995) and Stocks for Options Trading (Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press LLC, 2000).

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