Timing the Market PDF

Timing the Market book PDF

Timing the Market PDF ( How to Profit in the Stock Market Using the Yield Curve, Technical Analysis, and Cultural Indicators) provides an historically proven system, rooted in fundamental economics, that allows investors and traders to forecast the stock market using data from the interest rate markets-together with supporting market sentiment and cultural indicators-to pinpoint and profit from major turns in the stock market.

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The best way to profit in the stock market is to identify its absolute tops and bottoms and then have the courage to trade them. the Market shows you how to come very close to accomplishing Timing that goal.

Timing the Market is for investors who want to increase their returns and reduce their stress while making profits in the stock market. Investors of all experience levels can use public information and simple arithmetic to achieve this end. Private investors with very little time to devote to their portfolios will find that this guide simplifies their lives. Active traders with more time to devote to their investments can apply leverage to the concepts in this book. Professional investors can use the principles in the following pages to cut through their information overload and identify the most important issues. Timing the Market addresses all investors’ needs by starting with the broadest, most critical issues and systematically working down to individual security selection.

If you do not have a large computer filled with scrubbed data and an experienced staff of Ph.D.’s, or if you do but would like to speak intelligently in their absence, you will depend on this book. Many of the graphs in Timing the Market display two centuries of economic, social, and stock market data, some of which is reprinted in the appendixes together with web sites for the source material. This compilation of Wall Street practices has never been written before. Professional money managers and street-smart investors around the world pass this intelligence along an underground network of friends, families, and clients. Their insights are too valuable to be handed down like tribal war stories around a campfire; someone had to write them down in an organized manner with illustrations and anecdotes.

That someone had to be one of the few former schoolteachers with experience on Wall Street. Elementary school teachers are used to breaking a process down into simple steps and then explaining it with stories.

Teachers who believe a subject is important want to motivate the audience to a better understanding of its critical concepts. We clarify with parables and pictures and then make sure that our listeners have the tools (in your case they will be newspapers, books, and web sites) to accomplish the task. Your task is to improve your investing, and you will succeed because you are more motivated than any classroom of children that I ever taught.

When my family moved from the Midwest to New York City, I went to a different classroom. But this time I sat in the back instead of at the teacher’s desk up front. The siren call of Wall Street enticed me to New York University for a master’s degree in business administration, and this is the book that I wish I had in graduate school. I would have read it twice: once at the beginning of the program and again at the end of my study.

At the beginning of the MBA program Timing the Market would have given me the background I needed to understand the lectures. It would have provided some terminology, stock market history, and concepts upon which to build financial theory. It would have provided the bridge I needed from my nonbusiness background.

At the end of my graduate work in finance I needed Timing the Market to translate Wall Street theory into practice. This book would have prepared me for some of the jargon on the trading floor and in the boardroom. It would have given me simple arithmetic for making investment decisions and meeting with clients. It would have provided some of the benchmarks and signals that allow a professional to find the forest among all those trees. Timing the Market would have drawn a map through that forest and made me a much more productive employee.

Timing the Market grew out of a list of investing criteria that I have used over the years. Organizing these ideas for my own use turned into this book. These market timing benchmarks are common Wall Street practices that never made it into a book until now. Here is the conventional wisdom that is exchanged around the watercooler in successful brokerage firms and money management offices around the world.

Table of Contents- Timing the Market PDF

PART I Yield Curve Analysis 1

CHAPTER 1 Demystifying the Investment World 3

CHAPTER 2 Back of the Envelope Forecast Model 10

CHAPTER 3 Money Markets Matter 32

CHAPTER 4 Long-Term Bonds Give Advance Warning 41

CHAPTER 5 Expected Returns for the Stock Market 51

CHAPTER 6 Bond Quality Spreads 60

CHAPTER 7 Federal Funds Rates 69

CHAPTER 8 Summary of Yield Curve Analysis 84

PART II Technical Analysis 95

CHAPTER 9 Market Breadth: Advancing Issues in the Dow 98

CHAPTER 10 The Volatility Index 107

CHAPTER 11 The Put/Call Ratio 113

CHAPTER 12 Moving Averages 121

CHAPTER 13 Using Moving Averages: The MACD Line 130CHAPTER 14 Leverage: Short Positions and Margin Debt 139

CHAPTER 15 Summary of Technical Analysis 146

PART III Cultural Indicators 157

CHAPTER 16 Changing Standards of Feminine Beauty 159

CHAPTER 17 Demographics 169

CHAPTER 18 Corporate Spending 182

CHAPTER 19 War and Rumors of War 197

CHAPTER 20 Summary of Cultural Indicators 217

PART IV Choosing Investments 231

CHAPTER 21 Asset Classes 233

CHAPTER 22 Mutual Funds 246

CHAPTER 23 Exchange-Traded Funds 258

CHAPTER 24 Security Selection 265

CHAPTER 25 Final Summary 280

PART V Capitalism at Work 293

CHAPTER 26 Outrageous Wall Street Stories 294

CHAPTER 27 America! America! God Shed His

Grace on Thee 310


Index 401

About the Author 413


Clear, useful, and readable.- This may be an older book but it is very readable and offer clear explanation of the key knowledge for starting technical trading. 1/10 th macro econ primer, 1/10th history prospective, and 80% useful guides as you start to developed your trading strategy- MP

About the author

DEBORAH J. WEIR CFA, is president of Wealth Strategies, a firm that does marketing for traditional money managers and hedge funds. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst and is the first woman president of the Stamford CFA Society. She holds an MBA in Finance from New York University and a BS degree in Education from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Prior to founding Wealth Strategies in 1986, Ms. Weir managed institutional fixedincome portfolios at Scudder Investments, now Deutsche Bank. She has almost 30 years of investment experience.

Ms. Weir contributes to Futures magazine and Active Trader and lectures at investment organizations, colleges, and universities.

You can reach her at debweir@wealthstrategies.bz, www.wealth strategies.bz, and her blog http://timingthemarketblogspot.com.

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