Trade chart patterns like the pros PDF

Trade chart patterns like the pros PDF

Trade chart patterns like the pros PDF- This book answers the ‘how’ question. It reveals actual techniques that top traders actually can and do use, in a format that lets you use them yourself. Beginning and experienced traders alike will benefit from this book.

Category: Technical Analysis

tag: price patterns

Author: Suri Duddella

Language: English

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Introduction- Trade chart patterns like the pros PDF

There is a famous basketball court in New York City called Rucker Park. Legend has it that the amateurs who played there were so good, they could take on the pros. There were no shoe contracts or television cameras, but fans sitting on those worn bleachers could see some of the best pure basketball anywhere.

If there were a Rucker Park for trading, Suri Duddella would hold court there. He may not be a regular guest on CNBC or run a billion dollar hedge fund, but anyone who has had the privilege of trading alongside him will tell you that Suri’s trading skills are second to none. He is consistent and disciplined, but what sets Suri apart is his ability to find and exploit regular market patterns.

Traders at that level rarely let readers have more than a peek behind the curtain, This book shares Suri’s techniques in detail. For .thepast two years, I have watched the book develop from a concept into a finished product. The results have exceeded even my high expectations, and I will certainly keep a dog-eared copy within arm’s reach of my own trading turret.

Plenty of books will tell you what a flag or diamond or Gartley pattern is. Many will tell you whether the patterns are bullish or bearish. But that’s where the detail stops. Because most of these books are written by professional authors, not traders, they cannot provide any guidance on exactly how to trade these patterns.

This book answers the ‘how’ question. It reveals actual techniques that top traders actually can and do use, in a format that lets you use them yourself. Beginning and experienced traders alike will benefit from this book. The biggest beneficiary, though, is probably Suri Duddella himself. Writing this book has forced him to define and hone his techniques. I have watched him bring his tradinggame to the next level. He is too modest to admit it, but even if this book doesn’t sell a single copy, it has already been a huge success for him. Applying these techniques can help the rest of us improve our trading too.

Joshua Silverman
Chicago, IL

Table of contents- Trade chart patterns like the pros PDF

1.1. Basic Charts, 1
1.2. Candlestick Charts, 5
1.3. Three Line Price Break Charts (3LPB) 9
2.1. Market Structures, 13
2.2. Three Bar Groups, 19
2.3. Matching HighsILows, 23
2.4. n-Bar Rallies/Declines, 27
2.5. 7-Day Narrow Range
& Inside Day, 3 1
2.6. 7-Day Wide Range
& Outside Day, 35
3.1. Floor Pivots, 39
3.2. Globex (Overnight) Pivots, 43
3.3. Opening Range Pivots,
3.4. FibZone Pivots, 5 1
4.1. Fibonacci Trading, 55
4.2. Symmetry Patterns, 61
4.3. Market Fractals, 65

5.1. ABC Patterns, 69
5.2. Gartley Pattern, 73
5.3. Bat Pattern, 79
5.4. Butterfly Pattern, 83
5.5. Crab Pattern, 87
6.1. Triangles, 9 1
6.2. Rectangle Pattern, 99
6.3. Flags, 103
6.4. Wedge Patterns, 109
6.5. Diamond Pattern, 115
7.1. Rectangle Channels, 119
7.2. Donchian Channel, 123
7.3. Broadening Pattern (Megaphone), 127
7.4. Linear Regression Channel, 133
7.5. Andrew’s Pitchfork, 137
8.1. Bollinger Bands, 141
8.2. Keltner Bands, 145
8.3. Fibonacci Bands, 149

9.1. Zigzag Patterns, 153
9.2. Elliott Wave, 157
9.3. Crown Pattern, 161
10.1. Cup and Handle Pattern, 165
10.2.Head and Shoulders Pattern, 169
10.3. Parabolic Arc Pattern, 175
10.4. Three Hills and A Mountain Pattern, 179
10.5. Three Valleys and A River Pattern, 183
10.6. Spike and Ledge Pattern, 187
11.1. Adam-Eve Patterns, 191
11.2. Trader Vic’s 2B Patterns, 195
11.3. Trader Vic’s 1-2-3 Patterns, 201
11.4. Pipe Pattern, 205
11.5. M and W Patterns, 209
11.6. Round Top Pattern, 213
11.7. Round Bottom Pattern, 217
11.8. V-Top Pattern, 221
11.9. V-Bottom Pattern, 225
11.10. Double Top Pattern, 229
11.11. Double Bottom Pattern, 233
11.1 2. Triple Top Pattern, 237
11.13. Triple Bottom Pattern, 241

12.1. Dragon Pattern, 245
12.2. Sea Horse Pattern, 251
12.3. Scallops Pattern, 255
13.1. Gaps, 259
13.2. Dead Cat Bounce, 265
1 3.3. Island Reversal Pattern, 269


REVIEW bv Michael Steinhardt
Don’t read this book MAKE MONEY WITH IT! There are hundreds of Technical Analysis books and only a handful will ever help you make enough successful trades to recover the purchase price. Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros by Suri Duddella is one of those rare opportunities to build a base of knowledge that can take you further each time you trade.

Like the Chinese proverb that says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Suri has laid out an indispensable tome on trading chart patterns based upon his real-life experiences in a format that will work well for the spectrum of investors from novice to expert.

Unlike the ‘encyclopedias’ you can find on this unbelievably deep and complex subject, Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros stays focused and does not overwhelm you with mathematical statistics and technical jargon that will surely turn you off. Instead, Suri’s ‘trader-sense’ perspective helps you identify a pattern and apply the relevant techniques to enter, manage and exit the trade. Each of his 65 patterns includes a brief synopsis written in plain English and an actual chart to reinforce the concept, not a conveniently drawn perfect example that never occurs in real life. This book provides a universal resource for 65 of the most common scenarios that you will run into regardless of your investing time frame (intraday to weeks at a time) and your preferred financial instrument. It’s not enough to recognize a pattern; you need to understand the key elements of the trade and how to make it work for ‘long’ and ‘short’ positions. Suri explains the setup and then provides the entry point triggers as well as an exit strategy with targets for profitable trades and stops to minimize any losses.

What I can promise you is that Suri’s practical approach will give you insights that will make it harder to lose. Great investing books never sit on the bookshelf they stay at your side as a trading partner and I can think of no better trader to have at my side than Suri Duddella. Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros is destined to become one of those rare TA books that you spend less time reading and more time using to MAKE MONEY.

Michael Steinhardt, HEDGEfolios founder

About the author

Suri Duddella is a successful, private trader for the past 12 years using his proprietary mathematical models and analysis. Prior to joining the financial markets, Suri was an engineering consultant for Fortune 100 companies.
Suri Duddella was a founder of a financial research and analysis company from 1998 to 2005 specializing in financial modeling, researchlanalysis, and technology architecture for financial institutions, investment research and investment media companies. Suri’s research company was ranked the “Best of the web” by Forbes magazine from 2000 to 2003 and featured in Barrons’ as an “Excellent Technical Analysis site” in 2002.

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