Trade like an O'neil disciple PDF

Trade like an O’neil disciple PDF

Trade like an O’neil disciple PDF-  How We Made Over 18,000% in the Stock Market is a detailed look at how to trade using William O’Neil’s proven strategies and what it was like working side-by-side with Bill O’Neil.

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Author: Gil Morales and Chris Kacher

Language: English

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Introduction- Trade like an O’neil disciple PDF

From the successes and failures of two William O’Neil insiders, Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple: How We Made Over 18,000% in the Stock Market in 7 Years is a detailed look at how to trade using William O’Neil’s proven strategies and what it was like working side-by-side with Bill O’Neil. Under various market conditions, the authors document their trades, including the set ups, buy, add, and sell points for their winners. Then, they turn the magnifying glass on themselves to analyze their mistakes, including how much they cost them, how they reacted, and what they learned.

  • Presents sub-strategies for buying pocket pivots and gap-ups
  • Includes a market direction timing model, as well as updated tools for selling stocks short
  • Provides an “inside view” of the authors’ experiences as proprietary, internal portfolio managers at William O’Neil + Company, Inc. from 1997-2005

Detailing technical information and the trading psychology that has worked so well for them, Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple breaks down what every savvy money manager, trader and investor needs to know to profit enormously in today’s stock market.


How is it that so many traders and investors lose money in the market, while others–like authors Gil Morales and Chris Kacher–have shown the ability to earn huge returns on investment? As Bill O’Neil himself says, “Human nature being what it is, 90% of the people in the stock market–professionals and amateurs alike–simply haven’t done enough homework.” Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple: How We Made 18,000% in the Stock Market is your homework. And if you invest in the market, you can expect that there will be a test involving your own money.

The result of years of observation and the subsequent application of the commonsense rules learned, Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple details the small realities that make up the stock market, including:

  • The importance of a 6-7% automatic stop-loss policy on stock purchases
  • Sit tight and be right, or “take your profits slowly”
  • The value of psychological capital, and how mastering your own psychology allows you to operate from a position of strength
  • Position concentration, and how diversification–“kissing all the babies”–is unnecessary
  • How timing the market is possible and necessary, despite claims to the contrary by those who can’t
  • Mistakes novices or lazy investors make, such as averaging down or purchasing only cheap stocks
  • How O’Neil applied historical precedent to box theory to come up with consolidation patterns (“bases”), such as: ascending; cup-with-handle; double-bottom; square box; flat base; and high, tight flag
  • Using early buy points in the form of “pocket pivots” to gain an advantage in difficult market environments
  • Using gap ups as buy points to jump on board of some of the most powerful stocks
  • The finer points of O’Neil-style short-selling techniques

It took years to identify, analyze, catalog, and verify the characteristics of winning stocks for O’Neil to finally perfect his system. Authors Gil Morales and Chris Kacher save you the time and–if you’re an investor, money–by bringing together in one comprehensive guide, the commonsense investment philosophies that allow them and you to Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple.

Table of Contents- Trade like an O’neil disciple PDF




CHAPTER 1 The Evolution of Excellence: The O’Neil Trading Method

CHAPTER 2 How Chris Kacher Made Over 18,000 Percent in the Stock Market Over Seven Years

CHAPTER 3 How Gil Morales Made Over 11,000 Percent in the Stock Market

CHAPTER 4 Failing Forward

CHAPTER 5 Tricks of the Trade

CHAPTER 6 Riding the Bear Wave: Timely Tools for Selling Stocks Short

CHAPTER 7 Dr. K’s Market Direction Model

CHAPTER 8 Our Bill of Commandments

CHAPTER 9 In the Trenches with Bill O’Neil

CHAPTER 10 Trading Is Life; Life Is Trading


About the author

Gil Morales

Mr. Morales began his investment career in 1991 as a stockbroker in the Beverly Hills branch of Merrill Lynch. In 1994 he joined PaineWebber, Inc., where he quickly achieved Chairman’s Club status as a top producer.
In 1997, William O’Neil personally recruited Mr. Morales to join William O’Neil + Company, Inc. where he spent the next eight years as a vicepresident, a top performing internal portfolio manager responsible for managing a portion of the firm’s proprietary assets, and manager of the O’Neil Institutional Services group responsible for advising over 500 of the largest and most successful institutional investors in the world, including mutual fund, pension fund, and hedge fund clients. Mr. Morales also co-authored with William J. O’Neil a book on short-selling,
How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short, published by John Wiley & Sons in 2004.

Chris Kacher

In 2004, Mr. Morales was appointed Chief Market Strategist for William O’Neil + Company, Inc. Mr. Morales is the author and publisher of The Gilmo Report ( and co-author and publisher of The Virtue of Selfish Investing ( Along with Dr. Kacher, Mr. Morales is currently a managing director of MoKa Investors, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory firm. Mr. Morales received his B.A. in economics from Stanford University.

In 1995, Dr. Kacher operated one of the first Internet-based stock advisory services. He then went on to generate triple digit percentage returns for six years in a row during the 1995–2000 period before moving to cash for most of the 2000–2002 bear market, one of the worst in history. From 1996–2001, Dr. Kacher served as stock market research analyst for William O’Neil + Company, the New York Stock Exchange member firm, institutional research provider, and publisher of Investor’s Business Daily newspaper.

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