Trend following analytics PDF

Trend following analytics PDF- Michael Covel

Trend following analytics PDF- Michael Covel (Performance Proof for the Worlds Most Controversial and Successful Black Swan Trading Strategy) was designed as strictly a companion piece for his four prior books—books that include stories, data and context:

Trend Following
Trend Commandments
The Complete TurtleTrader
The Little Book of Trading 

Category: Stock

Author:  Michael Covel

Language: English

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Introduction/ Preface

Trend following is not a luxury. It is a need. In an investment world dominated by mutual funds, buy and hold, long-only investment approaches, CNBC gurus, 24/7 news stories, Warren Buffett fan clubs, and governmentally manipulated markets, trend following is a truth to believe in.

My 15-year ride in trend following currents has had its share of ups, downs, and unpredictable directions. I have had the good fortune to watch everyday people and experts alike immerse in trend following and begin million-dollar careers. My work has linked together untold multiples of traders, igniting associations and friendships across the world. Could I have speculated this would be my life passion upon launching a simple four-page website in 1996? No way. That said, my trend following network and teaching career revolves around two core foundations: stories and data.

Let me be clear: This book is not stories. It is data and data only. This book was designed as strictly a companion piece for my four prior books—books that include stories, data and context:
Trend Following (FT Press)
Trend Commandments (FT Press)
The Complete TurtleTrader (HarperCollins)
The Little Book of Trading (Wiley)
Some readers will have enough experience to derive useful value from this work, but many will need
context to make best use of data herein. The context is not here—by design. That means my four prior books (all four, or just one) are prerequisites. Said another way: This work could have been a massive appendix for any one of my prior books. Looking at data is one issue, but knowing the stories behind that data is a different issue (and book).

Contents- Trend following analytics PDF

I. Professional Trend Following Performance Track Records by IASG

II. Historical Market Charts by Barchart and Dshort
Section 1: Currencies

Section 2: Energies

Section 3: Financials

Section 4: Grains

Section 5: Indices

Section 6: Meats

Section 7: Metals

Section 8: Softs

Section 9: Dshort

III. Appendix

IV. Definitions and Formulas

About the author

Michael Covel (born September 1, 1968) is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and film director.In 1996, he co founded, later expanded into, a popular online resource focused on investment style known as trend following, which allows investors to profit in both up and down markets.

He is the author of the bestselling book Trend Following, now in its seventh printing and translated into six languages. Covel speaks regularly on the subject of trading and is managing editor of, the leading news and commentary resource on insights into the Turtles. He lives in Virginia.

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Michael Covel

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