Trend forecasting with technical analysis PDF

Trend forecasting with technical analysis PDF

Trend forecasting with technical analysis PDF-  Unleashing the Hidden Power of Intermarket Analysis to Beat the Market will be of interest to both experienced individual and professional traders as well as newcomers to the financial markets who want to create wealth in today’s global markets. 

Category: Forex

Author: Louis B. Mendelsohn

Language: English

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Trend forecasting with technical analysis PDF explores the application of intermarket analysis, which analyzes the relationships between financial markets and their influences on each other. It examines the critical role that intermarket analysis plays in assisting traders to identify and anticipate changes in market direction in today’s globally interconnected financial markets.

As the burgeoning global economy of the 21st century, fostered by advancements in information technologies, contributes to the further integration of the financial markets, intermarket analysis will become an integral part of the overall field of technical analysis. Intermarket analysis empowers traders to make more effective trading decisions based upon the linkages between related financial markets. By incorporating intermarket analysis into your trading strategies, rather than limiting your scope of analysis to each individual market, these relationships and interconnections between markets will work for you rather than against you.

Suggestions are made for how intermarket analysis can be used in conjunction with traditional single-market technical indicators to provide a more comprehensive framework of analysis and broadened trading perspective. This book also introduces VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software which has achieved an astounding accuracy rate of nearly 80% at forecasting market direction, and offers insights Trend Forecasting With Technical Analysis 15
16 Trade Secrets into how day traders and position traders in both the futures and equity markets can use this powerful analysis tool to improve their trading performance and achieve a competitive advantage over other

This book will be of interest to both experienced individual and professional traders as well as newcomers to the financial markets who want to create wealth in today’s global markets.

Contents- Trend forecasting with technical analysis PDF

Chapter 1: TRADING IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY— Have Your Trading Strategies and Profits Kept Pace?
The Markets Are Constantly Evolving
The World’s Futures and Equity Markets Are Linked
Emerging Forces Usher in the New Global Economy
Market Volatility and Financial Crises Are Here to Stay

Chapter 2: SINGLE-MARKET ANALYSIS—Trading With Tunnel Vision Can Put You on the Losing Side of a Trade
While Numbers Don’t Lie, They Can Be Deceiving
The Goal Is to Forecast Market Trend Direction
You Can
Play the Markets, or You Can Time the Markets
Technical Analysis Has Not Kept Pace With the Markets
Traders Need to Take Off Their Blinders

Chapter 3: INTERMARKET ANALYSIS—Seizing Trading Opportunities in a Shrinking World
Intermarket Analysis in the Equity and Commodity Markets
No Market Is Exempt From Globalization
Why Markets Converge or Diverge
Intermarket Dynamics Must Be Taken Into Consideration
Early Attempts at Intermarket Analysis Fall Short
Tracking Related Markets Pays Off
Full Field of Vision Is Critical
Intermarket Analysis: In the Right Place at the Right Time
The Only Thing Certain Is Uncertainty Itself

Chapter 4: TODAY’S MARKETS HAVE CHANGED—Why Trend Forecasting Beats Trend Following and How Traders Can Profit
Moving Averages Are Lagging Indicators
Moving Averages Are Popular—But Something’s Missing
Moving Average Crossovers Lead to Whipsaws
Computing a Simple Moving Average Is Easy
Displaced Moving Averages: Close But “No Cigar”
A New Way to Forecast Moving Averages
Leading Indicators Give You a Competitive Edge

Chapter 5: VANTAGEPOINT FORECASTS MARKET DIRECTION— How to Get a Sneak Preview of Where the Markets Are
Going and How to Use This Information to Your Advantage
VantagePoint Monitors Major Financial Markets
Five Neural Networks Make Independent Forecasts
What VantagePoint’s Daily Report Tells You
Intermarket Charts Show You What’s Ahead
VantagePoint Is Quick and Easy
How to Find a Good Trade
Here’s How to Get Added Confirmation
Day and Position Trading With Tomorrow’s Price Forecasts
Stop Placement Based on Forecasts, Not Hunches
Other Markets Give Added Confirmation
How To “Cherry-Pick” the Best Trades to Take

Chapter 6: NEURAL NETWORKS—How to Raise Your Financial IQ to Stay Ahead of the Competition
Neural Networks Combine Technical and Intermarket Data
Neural Networks Learn Patterns and Make Forecasts

Chapter 7: THE NEXT HORIZON—Where Do We Go From Here and What Does This Mean for Traders?
There Will Never Be a Financial Crystal Ball
Trading Resource Guide
About the Author and Market Technologies Corporation

About the author

Louis B. Mendelsohn is president and chief executive officer of Market Technologies Corporation. Mr. Mendelsohn began trading equities in the early 1970s, followed by stock options. Then, in the late 1970s he started trading commodities, as both a day and position trader. In 1979, he formed Market Technologies Corporation to develop technical analysis trading software for the commodity futures markets.

In 1983, Mendelsohn pioneered the first commercial strategy backtesting and optimization trading software for microcomputers. By the mid-1980s these capabilities became the standard in microcomputer trading software for both equities and futures, fueling the growth of today’s multi-million dollar technical analysis software industry.

Recognizing the emerging trend toward globalization of the world’s financial markets, in 1986 Mr. Mendelsohn again broke new ground in technical analysis when he introduced the first commercial intermarket analysis software in the financial industry for microcomputers.

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trend forecasting with intermarket analysis predicting global markets with technical analysis

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