Trend trading set-ups PDF

Trend trading set-ups PDF

Trend trading set-ups PDF- Entering and Exiting Trends for Maximum Profit extends the neoclassical concept of qualified trend first introduced by Little in Trend Qualification and Trading, providing traders and investors with a sound methodology for uncovering the very best trade setups and the ability to time trade entries like never before.  In Trend Trading Set-Ups, Little reveals the data behind qualified trends and utilizes a novel concept involving time  to calculate trend failure probability rates.

Category: Technical Analysis

Author: L. A. Little

Language: English

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Introduction- Trend trading set-ups PDF

Just like trends, all trade set-ups are not created equal. There are good ones and bad ones, great ones and average ones. To achieve trading success, you need to find the great set-ups and avoid the rest.

Nobody understands this better than market technician L. A. Little. And now, in Trend Trading Set-Ups: Entering and Exiting Trends for Maximum Profit, he skillfully addresses various issues surrounding trade set-ups–including when a particular set-up has the highest probability for potential greatness–and shows you what it takes to recognize and pursue these opportunities with regularity. In all cases, the set-ups examined consider price, volume, and time across various time frames and for instruments that are related.

Before jumping headfirst into a detailed discussion of how to find and execute the best trade set-ups, this reliable resource lays the necessary groundwork needed for this endeavor. Part I accomplishes this by introducing you to some of the most important issues covered in Little’s previous title, Trend Qualification and Trading. Much more than just an overview of the elements encompassing the neoclassical approach to trend trading, this part touches on everything from qualified trends, anchor bars, as well as support and resistance zones to the importance of time frames and the broader influences that directly affect trade success and failure.

With this information in hand, Part II opens with some practical guidance on formulating a workable trading plan. From there, the focus shifts to finding the highest probability trade set-ups. You’ll quickly become familiar with range trade set-ups as well as retrace and breakout trade set-ups, and learn how to effectively identify and trade them. Along the way, numerous examples are drawn upon and extensive integration of prior data is incorporated to increase the likelihood that you can perform the same process moving forward.

Trading opportunities are present no matter what the market is doing. If you can recognize the patterns, evaluate a trade’s potential, and put a viable trading plan in place, all that’s left is proper execution and management. Trend Trading Set-Ups will put you in a better position to excel at this endeavor and capture consistent profits in the process.


“Top traders rarely call attention to their many accomplishments, content to execute and perfect their market views, free from self- promotion and outside noise. L.A. Little is that type of rare individual, an experienced trader and educator, with unique insights that are simple, profound and highly actionable. For this reason, I’m pleased to introduce readers to his third book Trend Trading Set-ups.

In the real world, most traders enter and exit positions without fully understanding the nature of trend. This omission invariably leads to failure, with participants left scratching their heads and wondering why Mr. Market failed to pay off, as expected. It’s a real shame because trends in all time frames can be fully deconstructed through the application of logical observational tools.

Enter top trader and respected market educator, L.A. Little. His first two books, Trade Like the Little Guy and Trend Qualification and Trading, set into place an original framework for reliable trend analysis and trade management. Little now adds and expands to this impressive curriculum with Trend Trading Set-ups, a natural progression to the first two volumes.

His latest book brings his outstanding knowledge base down to earth, with concrete examples and step by step instructions for trade excellence, from position choice to profittaking. This is an important contribution in our 24-hour market environment, allowing at-home gamers and professional money managers to compete on a level playing field with omnipresent computer programs.

I’ve known L.A. Little for many years as a co-contributor at We’ve also spent quality time discussing the complex issues faced by traders in our fractured market system. Above all else, I view him as a kindred spirit that’s as obsessed by the ticker tape as I am. That’s no mean feat, given the challenges introduced into the market organism in the last twenty years.

L.A.’s long-time focus on trend qualification has honed a set of symbiotic strategies perfectly in tune with today’s fast paced derivative-driven electronic environment. For that reason alone, I expect that readers of Trend Trading Set-ups will gain valuable insights that are unavailable through any other market source, online or in print.

Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of his systematic approach. Under the hood, he presents a powerful trading system based on classic market principles that work in euphoric bull markets as well as gutwrenching bear markets. More importantly, these reliable methods are unaffected by the program algorithms we’ve come to know as high frequency trading (HFT).

This is an amazing accomplishment in a challenging environment that’s forced all types of market players to reassess the positive expectancy of their trading systems. Indeed, this resilience offers another advantage in reading this excellent book. Simply stated, it will help your own strategies to overcome the dominance of lighting fast computer trading in the day to day price action.

So, whether you’re a new trader just starting out on your journey, or a seasoned veteran looking for fresh insights and a stimulating read to get your performance back on the fast track, I’m proud to recommend Trend Trading Set-ups.”

Alan Farley

Table of contents- Trend trading set-ups PDF



Introduction 1


CHAPTER 1 Identifying and Qualifying Trend Probabilities 9

Trend Determination 10

Qualified Trend Failure Probabilities 13

Qualified Trade Failure Probabilities 31

Summary 37

CHAPTER 2 Anchor Zones: The Key to Timing Trades 41

Anchor Bars and Zones 42

Reconsidering Trade Failures 46

Summary 54

CHAPTER 3 Broader Influences Affecting Stocks 55

Sector Congruence 59

Virtual Industry Groups—Future Direction 72

General Market Congruence 74

Summary 81


CHAPTER 4 Formulating a Workable Trading Plan 89

Trend Direction and Strength 90

Time Frames 94

Entry and Exit Timing 95

Trading Size, Scale Trading, Trade Success Probabilities, and Reward-to-Risk Ratio 100

Evaluating and Acting Upon the Plan 104

Summary 105

CHAPTER 5 The Data behind Trend Trade Set-Ups 107

The Only Two Types of Trade Set-Ups 108

Trading Breakouts and Retraces 111

Breakouts versus Retrace Trade Probabilities 113

Probabilities for Trade Set-Up Scenarios 122

Summary 133

CHAPTER 6 Sideways Range Trades 135

Trade Set-Up Conditions and Categorizations 136

Trading Sideways Trends 137

Summary 155

CHAPTER 7 Breakout and Retrace Trade Set-Ups 157

Retrace Trade Set-Ups 158

Breakout Trade Set-Ups 186

Considering Other Trade Set-Ups 199

Trade Set-Up Rationale and Thoughts 201

Summary 205

Conclusion: Unleashing Trade Potential 207

Appendix: Data Tables 209

About the Author 241

Index 243

About the author

L. A. Little is what Jim Cramer called a “technician extraordinaire” on his Mad Money television show. Little is a professional trader, money manager, and writes frequently for online publications including and while continuing to contribute articles to well-known print publications like Stocks & CommoditiesActive Trader, and Traders World. Little has presented in numerous conferences both domestically and internationally, appeared on syndicated radio shows, and provides daily market analysis and the tools to implement the trading strategies covered in this book on his website With a trading philosophy centered on capital protection first and the accumulation of consistent gains over time, Little espouses a simplistic technical approach to trading the markets that refocuses technical analysis away from patterns to supply and demand levels. He is the author of Trend Qualification and Trading, also from Wiley.

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